Month: August 2019

Check Out The Adams Avenue Street Fair Sept 21-22!

On Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22, families in and around San Diego can enjoy live music, refreshments, and more during the Adams Avenue Street Fair! For two days, Adams Avenue will be transformed into a hotspot where music lovers can see ninety musical acts playing on six different stages. You can also check… Read more »

Will My Issues With Gum Disease Cause Me To Lose Teeth?

Tooth loss is certainly something you can avoid in your life, but you need to make an effort to maintain good oral health if you want to preserve your smile. You also need to be especially mindful of your periodontal health – you might be surprised to learn that gum disease is actually the leading… Read more »

Encouraging The Growth Of Healthy Gum Tissues

Periodontal disease is a harmful condition that can seriously impact your appearance, and your general health. When a person lets periodontal problems go unaddressed, the damage that occurs to the tissues supporting their teeth can result in tooth loss over time. Poorly managed gum health can also result in problems that make it harder for… Read more »

Enjoy The San Diego Symphony’s 1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular!

How often do you have a chance to enjoy classical music, the beach, and fireworks? As their closing summer season show, the San Diego Symphony will be hosting a special 1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular! The closing piece for the show will be theĀ 1812 Overture, which will be followed by a special fireworks demonstration. If you miss… Read more »

3 Strategies For Fighting Harmful Periodontal Bacteria

What can you do to start fighting harmful bacteria that can cause issues with periodontal disease? Hopefully, you are already practicing good preventive care with an effective brushing and flossing routine. The daily habits you follow to clean your teeth can also protect your gums from infection. Unfortunately, many people still find themselves in need… Read more »

Are Your Habits Putting You At Risk For Gum Disease?

Why would anyone want to deal with periodontal disease? An infection that attacks your gum tissues can create serious problems over time if it is not swiftly managed. A person who struggles with gum disease can have a higher risk for tooth loss, and they can be more susceptible to certain general health issues as… Read more »

Take Part In San Diego’s Aloha Run Event September 8!

On Sunday, September 8, San Diego residents can enjoy an invigorating race, and spend the day feeling transported to Hawaii! The Aloha Race is a festive 5K and 10K running event that adds a tropical flair to the running experience. Participants are encouraged to show up wearing their Hawaiian shirts and other themed attire for… Read more »

Addressing Your Issues With Your Receding Gum Line

After your troubles with gingivitis are treated, you can see your gums recover from several unsightly issues. Common symptoms of gingivitis include swelling of your gum tissues, reddening, and a tendency to bleed. With that said, people who struggle with periodontal infections, and periodontal disease, can find that certain problems arise that have a more… Read more »

Discussing Gum Disease With A Periodontal Specialist

What makes periodontal care so important? How much trouble are you really in if you have unresolved issues with gum disease? People who neglect to take care of their gums can experience worrying problems over time. Periodontal disease can lead to the destruction of tissues that keep teeth supported, which can result in tooth loss…. Read more »

Take Part In The 15th LeucadiART Walk Event In Encinitas!

During the LeucadiART Walk Event, visitors and Encinitas residents can gather to enjoy an array of artworks, plus refreshments, live entertainment, fun kids’ activities, and more! This is a revival of a classic art event hosted in the Leucadia community, one that now welcomes thousands to enjoy a wonderful celebration of creativity and local history…. Read more »