Month: June 2013

Dr. Kania Explains How Summer Sunshine Can Improve Your Oral Health

The warm feel of the bright sun caressing your skin can rejuvenate many people, bringing with it thoughts of beautiful summer skies and fun activities. The smile that often comes naturally at this feeling may also benefit from the sun’s summer presence, since your body reacts to moderate sun exposure by producing vitamin D (often… Read more »

Encinitas Periodontist Explains Why Dental Implants are a Big Deal

When it comes to replacing a lost tooth (or several), there’s more to consider than how good your replacement tooth looks. Discretion is important, and the porcelain used for most of today’s fabricated tooth replacements bear a striking resemblance to your natural teeth, but your teeth serve more important functions than looking pretty. Therefore, your… Read more »

Advanced Diagnostics with Your San Diego Laser Periodontist

Though the basic concepts of caring for your oral health have remained largely the same in recent history, the methods and means of approach to total oral health care have vastly improved, and continue to do so. In our continuing effort to provide our patients with excellent, personalized dental care, your San Diego laser periodontist… Read more »

Why Not Smoking Can Improve Your Chances of Preventing Gum Disease

Hopefully, you don’t need any more reasons to not smoke, or to quit smoking if you already practice the habit. The risks to your health associated with tobacco use are well-known, and include an increased risk for most types of cancer, a weakened immune system that leaves you more susceptible to infection, and an inhibited… Read more »