Month: September 2022

Perio Protect And Your Hygiene Routine

Does your current oral hygiene routine protect you against all of the threats to your smile? Oral bacteria that gather over time can accumulate at the base of your teeth and make you vulnerable to the onset of gingivitis, which can then turn into a problem with more advanced gum disease. There are in-office services… Read more »

Discussing Implant Dentistry With Your Periodontist

There are several consequences to leaving tooth loss untreated. One issue that patients can deal with over time is tooth loss, as an infection can gradually destroy the tissues that keep our teeth securely in place. After experiencing the loss of a single tooth, or even the loss of many, you can turn to your… Read more »

Our Approach To Gum Graft Treatments

The unwanted effects of gum disease can be hard to ignore, particularly when they affect the way you look. For many who have periodontal problems, changes in the form of gum recession can become prominent and lead to feelings of embarrassment and unease. What you should know is that our Encinitas/San Diego, CA area periodontal… Read more »

Helpful Info For People Uneasy About Periodontal Work

Hearing that you need to see a specialist about your gum health can be stressful. Whether you generally feel uneasy about smile care or feel nervous about visiting a specialist for the first time, this negative emotion can make it harder to commit to booking an appointment. What you should know is that your Encinitas/San… Read more »

3 Treatments To Target Periodontal Bacteria

When you have problems with poor periodontal health that are not managed properly, you can face higher risks from tooth loss. You should also be concerned because you can experience complications with your general health, including complications that raise your risk for heart disease. For patients with more significant issues with gum disease, our Encinitas/San… Read more »

How Lasers Fit Into Periodontal Treatment

What will it take to help protect you against the harm that periodontal bacteria cause over time? When an infection grows serious, the impact on your gums can be significant. Troubles with tooth loss as well as your general health can both be traced back to periodontal problems. Fortunately, there are different services that can… Read more »

Guidance On Maintaining Healthy Gums

If you want to preserve your health through the years and keep showing off a confident smile, think about your gums. Problems with periodontal disease can interfere with your well-being in ways that can surprise you. Tooth loss is a concern due to the damage that affects tissues supporting your teeth. Another concern is that… Read more »

Selecting Patient-Friendly Care For Gum Disease

If you need help managing problems with gum disease, there are certain services provided at our Encinitas/San DIego, CA periodontal practice that can help you. We have experience tending to the needs of patients who are affected by different degrees of problems with their periodontal tissues. When trouble is identified and addressed in time, preventive… Read more »

Diagnosing And Treating Your Periodontal Issues

The right information regarding your periodontal health can be vital to successfully managing an issue that threatens your smile and well-being. People are not always aware of just how harmful an infection can be, and what can happen if it is not managed properly. Trouble with gum disease can lead to serious tissue damage as… Read more »