Month: July 2019

Using PRP Therapy To Restore Your Healthy Gums

While steps can be taken to prevent gum disease, and to eliminate concerns about gingivitis, periodontal disease can have a more serious effect on a person’s life. When advanced periodontal trouble affects you, the problem can result in damage to your periodontal tissues, and to the tissues that are responsible for supporting your teeth. In… Read more »

Enjoy The US Sand Sculpting Challenge Aug 31-Sept 2

From August 31 through September 2, San Diego will once again play host to the US Sand Sculpting Challenge And Dimensional Art Expo! Over the course of this three day event, you can enjoy one of the country’s most popular seaside festivals, which will invite talented sand sculptors and many other artists to show off… Read more »

Services We Can Offer To Deal With Periodontal Bacteria

Harmful bacteria that infiltrate your gum line can create big problems for your oral health, your smile, and even your general health! Periodontal disease results when bacteria gather under your gums, and create a harmful infection. If nothing is done about this problem, it can make other health issues harder to manage, and it can… Read more »

Using Modern Treatment To Restore Receding Gums

While untreated issues with your gums can cause many worrying symptoms, the recession of your gum tissues can be one of the most visible, and one of the most frustrating. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can provide a modern approach to addressing this problem. To reduce the amount of work required to… Read more »

Take Part In The Cabrillo Sunset 5K Event!

On Saturday, July 20, runners are welcomed at the Cabrillo Sunset 5K event! This special race is being held to help raise funds for programs connected to Cabrillo National Monument. You can join in the fun by signing up to run, or by simply checking out the event, and enjoying the local sights. This is… Read more »

3 Behaviors That Can Raise Your Risk For Periodontal Trouble

Could you do a better job of protecting yourself against the effects of periodontal disease? The answer to this question is an important one, as an infection that affects your gums can create more problems for your well-being than you might expect. People who develop problems with their gum health are at risk for losing… Read more »

We Use Modern Treatments To Fight Periodontal Bacteria

How concerning is a case of periodontal disease? When you have gingivitis, the condition should be addressed, but you can be happy to know there is still time to reverse the condition, and restore your gums to good health. An advanced infection can be more difficult to deal with, and it can create serious problems… Read more »