Month: May 2022

Arranging Laser-Assisted Periodontal Care

What does the right kind of periodontal care really look like? This is an answer that varies based on the needs of patients who seek help for gum disease. For those who have more serious problems, the right approach to treatment can benefit from the right tools—at our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal office, we can… Read more »

Improved Healing With PRP Therapy

What kind of harm can periodontal disease do to your gums? In time, the tissue damage can rob teeth of their support, which is why many who suffer from this condition can experience tooth loss! Tissue damage can be an understandable source of concern, but it is one that your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist is… Read more »

What Connects Gum Disease And Tooth Loss?

f you have problems with periodontal disease, the threat to your smile and general health can be more significant than you realize. One of the risks you face is potential tooth loss. As bacteria on the roots of your teeth attack the tissues that keep them in place, they can loosen, and that can result… Read more »

3 Reasons To Seek Care For Gum Disease

When you overlook the potential impact of gum disease on your well-being, you can fail to act on a problem that leads to significant issues, including issues like tooth loss! As periodontal bacteria accumulate and spread, they can become more difficult to control, and they can spread to other parts of the body by entering… Read more »

Adding Perio Protect To Your Oral Care

Your oral care routine should provide a strong line of defense against gum disease as well as tooth decay. If you are effectively brushing and flossing, you can remove oral bacteria before they accumulate under the gum line and create problems for you. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can offer in-office care… Read more »

Gum Disease And Dental Sensitivity

Heightened dental sensitivity can be a problem that frustrates you throughout your typical day. Sensitivity to temperatures and certain foods and drinks can lead to discomfort that intrudes on your life at different times. Unfortunately, when this problem is linked to the exposure of tooth structure that has less natural protection, it can also mean… Read more »

Making Periodontal Care More Comfortable

There are different obstacles that stand between people and the right smile care. Sometimes, that obstacle is a concern about the discomfort they might feel during a procedure. This anxiety can make it hard to contact a specialist about an issue like gum disease even when a patient is aware of how harmful this condition… Read more »

Discuss Implant Dentistry With Your Periodontist

Your issues with periodontal disease can have significant effects on your appearance as well as your health. One of the consequences people can experience is tooth loss, as oral bacteria can damage surrounding tissues and lead to a concerning loss of support for them. In addition to helping patients deal with an infection to prevent… Read more »

Treating Problems Caused By Gum Disease

When people are aware of how harmful gum disease can become, they can feel more prepared to seek care as soon as possible to avoid more serious consequences. When periodontal disease is present, it can cause you to experience worrying cosmetic and oral health problems, and it can even lead to complications with your general… Read more »