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Linking Tooth Loss And Periodontal Disease

How often are tooth loss and gum disease linked together? Poor periodontal health is actually the leading reason why adults lose teeth. As damage from an infection worsens, tissue destruction leaves them without the support they need to maintain their complete smile, and so teeth are either extracted by necessity or lost on their own…. Read more »

Are Gum Disease And Tooth Loss Linked?

How much effect can problems with your periodontal health really have on your appearance and well-being? In time, the tissue damage linked to your infection can have significant consequences, as you can end up losing teeth! Complications from poor periodontal health lead all other causes of adult tooth loss. This is not the only problem… Read more »

Discussing Implant Dentistry With Your Periodontist

There are several consequences to leaving tooth loss untreated. One issue that patients can deal with over time is tooth loss, as an infection can gradually destroy the tissues that keep our teeth securely in place. After experiencing the loss of a single tooth, or even the loss of many, you can turn to your… Read more »

Are Gum Disease And Tooth Loss Connected?

Gum disease is certainly not the¬†only¬†reason why people lose teeth, but you should know that it is the leading cause of this problem. What is it about periodontal problems that make us susceptible to these losses? In time, inflammation and infection can lead to permanent tissue damage, and the gums as well as the jawbone… Read more »

What Connects Gum Disease And Tooth Loss?

f you have problems with periodontal disease, the threat to your smile and general health can be more significant than you realize. One of the risks you face is potential tooth loss. As bacteria on the roots of your teeth attack the tissues that keep them in place, they can loosen, and that can result… Read more »

Periodontal Problems And Tooth Loss

Trouble with your periodontal health can lead to difficulties with tooth loss over time. In fact, gum disease leads all other causes for this issue. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we are here to help patients who worry about the impact that tooth loss might have on their appearance and quality of life…. Read more »

Periodontal Disease And Tooth Loss

Whether you have issues with gingivitis or already have more serious problems with periodontal disease, you should be aware of the link between poor gum health and tooth loss. Complications from gum disease lead all other issues when it comes to losing teeth as an adult. Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist is ready to help… Read more »

Managing Gum Disease To Prevent Tooth Loss

If you have problems with periodontal disease that you are not managing, you can experience serious complications. One issue, tooth loss, can negatively impact your appearance as well as your oral health, leaving you self-conscious about your smile and unable to maintain a natural, comfortable bite movement. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we… Read more »

Performing Work To Restore Your Full Smile

Periodontal problems can affect your well-being in several worrying ways, and they can also have a big impact on your smile. One serious concern is that you will lose teeth due to tissue damage from your infection. If this occurs, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist can help. We work with patients with incomplete smiles by… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Loss Caused By Gum Disease

There are several consequences people face when they do not deal with gum disease in time. Timely action can prevent gingivitis from worsening and causing long-term difficulties. In fact, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can provide preventive services if you are affected by this infection. If the trouble with your gums has already worsened… Read more »