Month: October 2015

5 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

How does a periodontist treat gum disease? That depends on the stage of the disease; for example, early on a deep cleaning may address the problem. However, for more advanced cases the doctor may suggest employing advanced technology, such as dental lasers. There are a number of benefits of laser dentistry. With this technology you… Read more »

Why Do We Need Preventive Care?

Periodontal disease starts with inflammation. Gum inflammation can cause the tissue to pull away from the teeth. Soon, pockets form at the gum line, exposing sensitive tissues to harmful bacteria. Without preventive treatments in the early stages, the disease can progress to late stages, leading to a higher risk of adult tooth loss. Why do… Read more »

5 Ways To Address Gum Disease

Did you know that once you develop periodontal disease, the problem will continue to progress without treatment? Eventually, the disease can become periodontitis, leading to loose teeth and in many cases, adult tooth loss. However, treating the issue can reverse the damage and help your smile remain healthy and whole. There are a number of… Read more »

Do You Need Gum Grafts?

Gum disease and other factors may cause your gums to recede, hurting both the health and esthetics of your smile. However, the doctor can provide treatment for this issue, preventing gum disease from reaching an advanced stage and improving the beauty of your smile. Do you need gum grafts? How does this unique oral procedure… Read more »

Do You Need Dental Implants?

Have you recently lost one or more teeth? Whether the result of injury or advanced gum disease (periodontitis) you need to restore your lost teeth to enjoy a healthy smile. After addressing the cause of your tooth loss the doctor may recommend replacing them with a lifelike and long lasting prosthetic. Do you need dental… Read more »

Learn About Sedation Dentistry

In some cases a patient who requires treatment for periodontal disease or tooth loss may avoid the dentist due to anxiety. We understand that for many people dental fears are very real. We sympathize and offer a procedure to help nervous patients remain calm and relaxed. What do you know about sedation dentistry?

How Do I Prevent Gum Disease?

“How do I prevent gum disease?” A great question and one not enough people are asking. With the right steps and actions you can avoid the major consequences of gum disease, which often include tooth loss. Simple preventive treatments can improve your oral health and help your smile remain disease free.