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Are You Overlooking The Threat Of Gum Disease?

If you fail to take problems with gum disease seriously, long-term consequences can impact your smile and your general health in ways that can surprise you. Did you know that poorly managed periodontal problems make you vulnerable to general health changes? Are you aware that complications from gum disease leads all other causes of tooth… Read more »

What To Know About Your Gum Disease Risk

Is your gum disease risk higher than what the average person faces? If you have struggled with gingivitis and more serious issues in the past, how likely is it that you will have problems in the future? One important thing you can do to protect your smile is recognize what your risk for gum disease… Read more »

When Gingivitis Goes Untreated

Are you putting your oral health at risk without realizing it? If you do not take signs of poor periodontal health seriously, you can leave yourself open to a worsening infection that will become difficult to treat, one that can raise your risk for tooth loss and even interfere with your management of your general… Read more »

Responding To Problems With Gingivitis

You can effectively respond to gingivitis and prevent the infection from worsening. With the right actions taken, this problem can be reversed, keeping your gums safe from oral bacteria. Unfortunately, when the appropriate care is not provided, the consequences can be lasting. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help you avoid long-term issues that… Read more »

Is It Gingivitis Or Periodontal Disease?

You may have a tendency to use the terms “gingivitis” and “gum disease” interchangeably, and assume there is no difference to worry over. What you should know is that while gingivitis is an early stage of an infection that is still reversible, gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, can refer to a more… Read more »

How Concerned Should I Be Over Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

When gingivitis is addressed, more severe problems with periodontal disease can be avoided. If you want to protect yourself from the consequences of untreated gum disease, you should be ready to identify the symptoms of poor periodontal health. There are several issues that can affect you when you develop an infection. Fortunately, you can fight… Read more »

What Can I Do To Avoid Complications From Gingivitis?

If you have problems with gingivitis, you should be concerned enough to take action and address the matter. Focusing on good oral hygiene and keeping up with routine dental checkups can help you stop a problem before it worsens and turns into a matter for a periodontist. It should be noted that when an infection… Read more »

Perio Protect Offers More Protection Against Gum Disease

What does your approach to fighting gum disease consist of currently? With a thorough brushing and flossing routine, you can fight the buildup of bacteria that threaten to cause gingivitis. Keeping up with good oral hygiene, scheduling regular dental visits, and looking for symptoms of infection can help you avoid a problem where an infection… Read more »

Periodontal Care Can Be More Comfortable Than You Expect

Poor periodontal health can cause more difficulties for a person than you might realize. Did you know that this problem is linked to tooth loss? The damage done by bacteria beneath your gum line can lead to multiple teeth being lost or extracted. It is also possible for your infection to make you more susceptible… Read more »

Tips For Improving Your Daily Efforts To Fight Gum Disease

What are you currently doing to make sure you stay safe from gum disease? In addition to protecting you from cavities, your oral hygiene routine can make sure that you stay safe from an infection that leads to gingivitis, and eventually to problems with periodontal disease. Of course, to be truly effective, you need to… Read more »