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Have You Been Ignoring Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

When you keep up with the right oral hygiene efforts, you can successfully defend your gums against gingivitis. This method of prevention may seem straightforward, but many people still wind up experiencing periodontal problems at some point in their life. Gingivitis should concern you – if the condition is not addressed in time, you are… Read more »

Keeping Your Gums Healthy After You Recover From Gingivitis

While periodontal disease can become a permanent issue, you can protect your gums from an infection when you respond to signs of gingivitis. Through good habits at home, and through preventive periodontal care, the bacteria that cause your infection can be stopped from causing further trouble for your gums. Once you have successfully addressed this… Read more »

My Gums Bleed When I Brush And Floss – What Should I Do?

The sight of blood after brushing and flossing can give you pause. A person can experience this issue as a symptom of gingivitis, and it may be one of several symptoms that you can identify. Recognizing that you are affected by gingivitis can be upsetting, but by recognizing the problem you can take action to… Read more »

Frequent Issues With Bad Breath? It Could Be Gingivitis

If you recognize that you have bad breath, you can wish for a mint or a stick of gum. If you realize that you frequently struggle with bad breath, and wonder why this is, you may be struggling with gingivitis. When oral bacteria start to gather under a person’s gums, they can create several problems…. Read more »

Better Flossing Habits Can Help You Prevent Gum Disease

If you are not putting up an effective fight against gum disease, you can leave yourself vulnerable to surprisingly serious problems. Periodontal disease is able to destroy the tissues that support your teeth, which can cause you to lose them. Problems with your periodontal health can also lead to more troubles maintaining your general health…. Read more »

Make Sure You Check Your Gums For Signs Of Gingivitis

When you brush and floss your teeth, how much attention do you pay to your smile? By looking over your teeth and gums as you clean them, you can identify signs of trouble, particularly with gingivitis. While gingivitis may not cause you pain, it can have several unpleasant effects on your periodontal tissues that you… Read more »

Your Oral Hygiene Routine Can Protect You From Gingivitis

How do people come to find themselves affected by periodontal disease? Just like your teeth, your gums benefit from smart daily hygiene habits. Infections occur when bacteria that gather at the base of your teeth travel below your gum line and attack the tissues. This infection can lead to harmful inflammation, and over time it… Read more »

3 Effective Strategies For Fighting Gum Disease At Home

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we provide our patients with modern treatments to help control and prevent problems with periodontal disease. The threat oral bacteria pose to your gums, and to your overall health, should not be overlooked. When individuals suffer from an advanced infection, the problem can become difficult to fully manage,… Read more »

What Makes Gingivitis Different From Periodontal Disease?

You may have heard the terms gingivitis and gum disease used interchangeably in the past. While both are a result of bacteria attacking your periodontal tissues, there is a reason to think of them as distinct issues. Gingivitis is the first stage of a periodontal infection. At this point, it is possible for you to… Read more »

Protecting Your Periodontal Health At Home

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we are ready to help patients who are trying to fight the effects of periodontal disease, in addition to those who want to prevent an infection of their gums from becoming more serious. We provide care that is modern and patient-friendly, with the goal of delivering meaningful oral… Read more »