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Learn More About Gum Disease By Visiting Your Periodontist

While your local dentist can provide important oral health services, you can benefit from input provided by a periodontal expert if you are concerned about gum disease. Did you know that complications from periodontal disease can actually lead to tooth loss, or that the health of your gums can be an influence on your risk… Read more »

Think You Might Have Gingivitis? Here’s How to Know

Gingivitis – the first stage of gum disease – is common. In fact, more than 80 percent of adults have gum disease to some extent, and every case began with the formation of gingivitis. While most people know what gingivitis, they may not always realize they have it, which means they don’t seek treatment for… Read more »

Is Gingivitis Really Reversible?

One of the biggest reasons why gum disease is so prevalent is because, for most people, it’s incurable. Once it develops and progresses, it will always remain present, and the only way to protect your smile is to successfully manage it. However, for many people, there is still a small window of opportunity to reverse… Read more »

Why Do Gums Bleed from Gingivitis?

Bleeding gums are among the few highly definitive signs of gingivitis – the first stage of gum disease. Others, such as redness in your gums or slight inflammation, might not be as easy to detect, or they may result from a number of other concerns. However, when your gum tissues should never bleed, and if… Read more »

A Few Tips to Avoid Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the earliest and least obvious form of gum disease. Once it develops, your risks of experiencing more severe consequences of gum disease become significantly higher. Therefore, the key to preventing gum disease from seriously threatening your smile is to avoid the development of gingivitis in the first place. At our Encinitas/San Diego periodontal… Read more »

A Few Signs that You Might Have Gingivitis

The first stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, can seem deceptively minor in its earliest stages. For example, patients in Encinitas/San Diego can notice the small warning signs and yet still ignore them or fail to seek treatment. Because of this, gingivitis quickly (and often) matures into more serious gum disease before patients seek… Read more »

What Happens When Gingivitis Gets Worse?

Gingivitis is common, and while it can easily be prevented or controlled, it still becomes a serious threat to many patients’ oral and overall health. When left unchecked, it can quickly progress into more serious forms of gum disease, such as periodontitis – the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Because the signs of gingivitis… Read more »

How Do You Know if Gingivitis Forms?

Most common dental issues, including gingivitis, exhibit warning signs in their earliest stages. However, these signs aren’t always obvious, and many patients miss them altogether until they become more severe. For instance, when gingivitis first develops, the bacteria-caused infection can cause your gums to become red and inflamed. However, they may not ache or become… Read more »

How Do You Improve Gum Health?

When you think of oral care, many people only think of their teeth. While keeping your teeth free of decay and other concerns is important, don’t forget your gums. Keeping them free of periodontal disease can help protect your smile from uncomfortable symptoms, as well as adult tooth loss. How do you improve and maintain… Read more »

How to Prevent the Most Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Ideally, your adult teeth should remain strong and healthy for life. When you lose one or more of them, it’s for a reason, and aside from accidental trauma, such reasons can often be successfully prevented. The most common causes of adult tooth loss consist of dental health issues that destroy your teeth’s supportive structures –… Read more »