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Gum Grafts Can Improve Smiles

When periodontal disease becomes an issue, it can cause health difficulties as well as cosmetic concerns. As you work to maintain your gum health, you can notice an unwelcome physical change in the form of a receding gum line. This problem leads to problems with smile asymmetry, and it can make certain teeth look awkwardly… Read more »

Using LANAP To Fight Gum Disease

There are actions you can take on a daily basis to prevent gum disease. By keeping up with good oral hygiene, you can protect yourself from letting bacteria accumulate below your gum line and create issues with gingivitis. However, if you are someone who is already struggling with periodontal disease, more than just good habits… Read more »

Enjoy A Shorter Recovery After Your Periodontal Treatment

Serious issues with periodontal disease can take their toll on your oral and general health in ways that may surprise you. Did you know that an advanced infection can make certain conditions, like diabetes, more difficult to manage? Did you know that unresolved issues with periodontal disease can make you more vulnerable to potential heart… Read more »

Addressing Advanced Periodontal Trouble With Lasers

Periodontal problems can carry big consequences for your smile and well-being, which is why their proper management is important. Are you looking for someone to help you deal with periodontal disease? Timely treatment can help you control this infection, which can make other health conditions like diabetes harder to manage, and raises your risk for… Read more »

What Role Do Lasers Play In Fighting Periodontal Disease?

If your problems with gum disease have grown serious, it may be hard for you to fully protect yourself against the consequences of your infection. In time, the bacteria that have gathered below your gums will begin to destroy the tissues that are holding your teeth in place. They can also create problems for your… Read more »

Lasers Can Lead To Faster Healing After Periodontal Care

When periodontal disease affects a person’s health, it can increase your risk for tooth loss, and raise your risk for infections in other parts of your body. One way to deal with the effects of this harmful condition involve the removal of infected tissues in order to effectively target and remove bacteria, and to encourage… Read more »

Lasers Offer A Modern Solution To Problems With Gum Disease

Gum disease is hardly a new problem, but it is a potentially serious one that still affects many people. As bacteria gather on teeth, you become vulnerable to the infection of your periodontal tissues. The fist stage of an infection, gingivitis, can be addressed through better oral care, and through a special preventive procedure known… Read more »

How Laser Treatment Helps Us Address Periodontal Disease

How concerned should you be if you are struggling with periodontal health issues? When a person exhibits signs of gingivitis, the problem can be addressed in a way that returns their gums to good health. A more advanced problem with periodontal disease can create more significant concerns, and put you at risk for problems like… Read more »

Laser Periodontal Treatments Can Offer More Precise Care

A person who suffers from periodontal disease can face a real risk for tooth loss. The bacteria that infect your gums can cause the destruction of healthy attachments that keep your teeth secure. If the harm done becomes serious enough, you may have to have loose teeth extracted, or they can be lost on their… Read more »

We Can Take On Periodontal Troubles With WaterLase Treatment

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we provide modern techniques to help our patients fight periodontal disease. These treatments can offer important protection for your smile when you are dealing with an infection of your gum tissues. Without proper treatment, you can find that your general health can be more difficult to manage, you… Read more »