Month: March 2022

Should I Be More Worried About Gum Disease?

Are you really doing enough to maintain your overall well-being? When you think about actions that benefit your general health, you should consider the role that your oral hygiene efforts have in keeping you in good condition. Maintaining your periodontal health is important for preserving your full smile, and it will help prevent the spread… Read more »

Behavioral Changes To Protect Your Gums

There are different actions that you can take to protect your smile, and others that can raise your risk for problems that affect your teeth and gums. When it comes to protecting your gums, you can make decisions that make you less likely to struggle with poor periodontal health; whey you do so, you lower… Read more »

More Comfortable Care For Gum Line Recession

The gradual movement of your gum line can cause real concerns over both your appearance and oral health. Until you do something about this issue, it can make you unhappy with your smile, and it can cause difficulty when you are trying to manage gum disease. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can… Read more »

Starting Supportive Periodontal Maintenance

To effectively protect yourself against the threat of periodontal disease, you should have a good routine in place for fighting oral bacteria. When that routine features both good hygiene efforts at home and general dental visits, you can control your risks for problems with gum disease as well as dental decay. With that said, a… Read more »

Can Lasers Really Improve Periodontal Treatment?

If you want to lower your risk for tooth loss, make sure your gums are being properly maintained. The biggest threat to your complete smile is poor periodontal health, which can lead to problems with tissue damage and attachment loss that will result in tooth loss. Problems with your gums can affect you in other… Read more »

Your Comfort During Periodontal Work

Taking your periodontal health seriously is important. Without the proper support, you are vulnerable to the serious problems that an infection can cause, including tooth loss and interference with your general health. Unfortunately, there are different reasons why people hesitate before scheduling treatment, one of which is discomfort around dental work. At our Encinitas/San Diego,… Read more »

3 Reasons To Meet With A Periodontist

There are many reasons to worry about the health of your gums. While gingivitis is reversible, you can have a more difficult time protecting your appearance and oral health when you deal with a more advanced infection. Problems with periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, difficulties with your general health, and concerns about both… Read more »

Encouraging Growth Of Damaged Gum Tissues

Tissue damage and attachment loss linked to periodontal disease should not be taken lightly. The harm done by bacteria on the roots of your teeth can ultimately lead to teeth losing important support. Eventually, you can be left in a situation where extractions have to take place! At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal office, we… Read more »

Your Periodontal Health And Your Heart

When you think about how you can take better care of your heart, you may focus on diet and exercise, but overlook other ways to lower your risk for problems. As important as your meal choices and physical activity are at reducing your likelihood of experiencing heart disease, you should not overlook the impact of… Read more »