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Gum Disease And Dental Sensitivity

Heightened dental sensitivity can be a problem that frustrates you throughout your typical day. Sensitivity to temperatures and certain foods and drinks can lead to discomfort that intrudes on your life at different times. Unfortunately, when this problem is linked to the exposure of tooth structure that has less natural protection, it can also mean… Read more »

Making Periodontal Care More Comfortable

There are different obstacles that stand between people and the right smile care. Sometimes, that obstacle is a concern about the discomfort they might feel during a procedure. This anxiety can make it hard to contact a specialist about an issue like gum disease even when a patient is aware of how harmful this condition… Read more »

A Second Opinion About Your Gum Health

If your general dentist expresses concerns about your periodontal health, you can benefit from a second opinion with a specialist in gum treatment. There are several reasons why additional information can benefit you. Having a clearer picture about the problem can help you understand the threat it poses. It will also help you because you… Read more »

Effectively Diagnosing Periodontal Trouble

It can be alarming to hear that your gums are not healthy. With that said, when you receive a diagnosis about your periodontal well-being, you know what you are up against, and you can learn what your treatment options include. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we will rely on a thorough diagnostic review… Read more »

The Targeted Effects Of Ozone Therapy

While there are microbes that are part of a healthy mouth’s natural ecosystem, the accumulation of unwelcome bacteria can occur. When this happens, you become vulnerable to different issues, including periodontal disease. This condition occurs when harmful bacteria gather on the roots of your teeth and begin doing harm to the surrounding bone and soft… Read more »

Should I Be More Worried About Gum Disease?

Are you really doing enough to maintain your overall well-being? When you think about actions that benefit your general health, you should consider the role that your oral hygiene efforts have in keeping you in good condition. Maintaining your periodontal health is important for preserving your full smile, and it will help prevent the spread… Read more »

Your Comfort During Periodontal Work

Taking your periodontal health seriously is important. Without the proper support, you are vulnerable to the serious problems that an infection can cause, including tooth loss and interference with your general health. Unfortunately, there are different reasons why people hesitate before scheduling treatment, one of which is discomfort around dental work. At our Encinitas/San Diego,… Read more »

3 Reasons To Meet With A Periodontist

There are many reasons to worry about the health of your gums. While gingivitis is reversible, you can have a more difficult time protecting your appearance and oral health when you deal with a more advanced infection. Problems with periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, difficulties with your general health, and concerns about both… Read more »

Healthy Gums Help You Maintain Your Appearance

What makes you confident in your smile? Bright enamel, a symmetrical look, and a lack of visible wear and tear will keep teeth looking youthful and lovely. When it comes to preserving your appearance, you need to take dental health seriously, and you also need to think about what you are doing to preserve your… Read more »

Arranging Pinhole Gum Grafting Treatment

There are many consequences to gum disease, including serious complications that affect your oral and general health. While not all of these issues affect your appearance, some can have a negative impact on your smile. Gum line recession is often associated with poor periodontal health. Unfortunately, even if your tissues recede due to another issue,… Read more »