Month: September 2019

Check Out This Movie In The Park Event In Encinitas

On Saturday, October 12, families in and around the Encinitas area can enjoy a special outdoor movie screening! The Movie in the Park event that night will screen the live action Dumbo film for everyone to enjoy at Cottonwood Creek Park. Everyone is encouraged to bring blankets and low-backed seats, as well as their own picnic supplies…. Read more »

What Makes Gingivitis Different From Periodontal Disease?

You may have heard the terms gingivitis and gum disease used interchangeably in the past. While both are a result of bacteria attacking your periodontal tissues, there is a reason to think of them as distinct issues. Gingivitis is the first stage of a periodontal infection. At this point, it is possible for you to… Read more »

Using Tobacco Products Can Affect Your Periodontal Health

There are several problems that tobacco use can cause for your smile and oral health. The cosmetic effect of cigarettes and other products can be hard to ignore as they stain your enamel, and hurt your smile. You also increase you risk for oral cancer by using tobacco! At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice,… Read more »

Enjoy San Diego’s Cabrillo Festival September 28!

On Saturday, September 28, families in and around San Diego can enjoy a special event honoring the area’s history! The Cabrillo Festival marks the arrival of the first European explorers to America’s west coast, but the event itself is a celebration of the many cultures who were present in the area at this point in… Read more »

Bringing Up Gum Disease With A Periodontal Specialist

While your dentist can provide important updates about both your dental and periodontal health, you may want to seek out a second opinion to discuss the matter of gum disease. A periodontal specialist can provide further insights into what a serious infection can do to your smile, and to your overall well-being. At our Encinitas/San… Read more »

Protecting Your Periodontal Health At Home

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we are ready to help patients who are trying to fight the effects of periodontal disease, in addition to those who want to prevent an infection of their gums from becoming more serious. We provide care that is modern and patient-friendly, with the goal of delivering meaningful oral… Read more »

Take Part In The Surfing Madonna Beach Run/Walk!

On Saturday, October 26, running enthusiasts can head to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas for the Surfing Madonna Beach Run/Walk! Participants can choose between a 5K, 10K, and 15K race to join in this year’s contest. This afternoon run can take you around some of the beautiful beaches in the area, and introduce you to other… Read more »

Protect Your Smile With Supportive Periodontal Maintenance

If you are affected by periodontal disease, ongoing support can help you avoid some of the most frustrating effects of your condition. If the problem is not properly managed, you can suffer damage to the tissues that support your teeth. Because of this, you can feel teeth become loose, or find out that you need… Read more »

We Offer Patient-Friendly Gum Grafting Procedures

It can be frustrating to see the changes that receding gums can have on your smile. Your teeth may look overly long, and may even appear less healthy. Unfortunately, this recession can actually expose portions of teeth that tend to be more sensitive, and less capable of resisting the dental decay that leads to cavities…. Read more »

Celebrate Oktoberfest In Encinitas September 29!

On Sunday, September 29, you can take part in the fun of Oktoberfest in Encinitas! This special event will feature an assortment of great German foods, drinks, and lively activities. You can explore the street fair set up for the event, or listen to live music. There will also be a fun family zone that… Read more »