Month: April 2022

Scheduling Pinhole Gum Grafting Treatment

When you experience problems with gum line recession, you can have both cosmetic concerns and trouble with physical discomfort. Unfortunately, when periodontal tissues recede, they can reveal portions of our teeth that lack the natural protection afforded to the portions that are normally uncovered. This can lead to more vulnerability to oral health problems, and… Read more »

A Second Opinion About Your Gum Health

If your general dentist expresses concerns about your periodontal health, you can benefit from a second opinion with a specialist in gum treatment. There are several reasons why additional information can benefit you. Having a clearer picture about the problem can help you understand the threat it poses. It will also help you because you… Read more »

Protection Through Scaling And Root Planing

Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you have the opportunity to protect your gums against an infection. Thorough care is important because you need to reach every part of your smile, including the spaces where your teeth and gum line meet. For patients who are already struggling with periodontal disease, or need to… Read more »

Can Quitting Tobacco Protect Your Gums?

When you think about the actions that affect your oral health, you can find that stopping certain behaviors can have value. Tobacco use can negatively impact your well-being in several ways. As far as your periodontal health is concerned, your consumption of cigarettes and other products with tobacco can make you more vulnerable to infections… Read more »

Can Treatment Encourage Healthy Gum Growth?

There are more severe consequences to not treating gum disease properly than you might anticipate. In time, an infection can cause alarming damage to the surrounding gums and hard tissues, your risk for tooth loss can increase, and you can experience new health troubles as bacteria spread beyond the roots of teeth by entering your… Read more »

Effectively Diagnosing Periodontal Trouble

It can be alarming to hear that your gums are not healthy. With that said, when you receive a diagnosis about your periodontal well-being, you know what you are up against, and you can learn what your treatment options include. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we will rely on a thorough diagnostic review… Read more »

When You Start Using Perio Protect

As you care for your smile, how much time and attention do you give your gums? What can you do to better protect them after being warned about periodontal disease? At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can offer an extra form of support that you can use on your own time. With Perio… Read more »

The Targeted Effects Of Ozone Therapy

While there are microbes that are part of a healthy mouth’s natural ecosystem, the accumulation of unwelcome bacteria can occur. When this happens, you become vulnerable to different issues, including periodontal disease. This condition occurs when harmful bacteria gather on the roots of your teeth and begin doing harm to the surrounding bone and soft… Read more »

Dental Implants Help With Tooth Loss Treatment

While you may find yourself adjusting to biting, chewing, and speaking in ways that feel natural after losing a tooth, will this problem actually become easier to manage? Unfortunately, the impact of tooth loss can actually worsen as time passes, as it makes you more likely to experience new problems, and more likely to lose… Read more »