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Services We Can Offer To Deal With Periodontal Bacteria

Harmful bacteria that infiltrate your gum line can create big problems for your oral health, your smile, and even your general health! Periodontal disease results when bacteria gather under your gums, and create a harmful infection. If nothing is done about this problem, it can make other health issues harder to manage, and it can… Read more »

Targeting Bacteria That Attack Your Periodontal Tissues

Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you have an opportunity to protect yourself against gum disease. To perform these tasks effectively, you should make sure your attention is turned to your gum line – effectively cleaning this area can help you keep yourself safe from oral bacteria that might lead to an infection…. Read more »

What Makes Perio Cleaning Different than Dental Cleaning?

Routine cleaning is an important part of oral health care. In many cases, that simply involves brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once, as well as attending regular dental cleanings at least once every six months. Sometimes, however, you might need more involved periodontal cleaning – also known as… Read more »

Important Points About Scaling and Root Planing

Professional cleaning is an important part of your routine oral health care. Typically, it involves carefully cleaning away the plaque and tartar that have developed on the crowns of your teeth. Sometimes, though, harmful oral bacteria can form plaque and tartar on the roots of your teeth, which rest underneath your gums rather than above… Read more »

A Brief Look at Scaling and Root Planing

Under healthy conditions, routine dental cleanings are typically enough to remove harmful oral bacteria from your teeth and along your gum line. Doing so helps you significantly lower your risks of developing oral health conditions like gum disease. However, for some patients in Encinitas/San Diego, oral bacteria may have worked their way underneath the gums… Read more »

The Point of Periodontal Cleaning

Dental cleanings are routine preventive measures that everyone should take on a regular basis. However, periodontal cleanings are not something that everyone needs, but when it does become necessary, it should be performed as soon as possible. Like regular dental cleaning, the point of periodontal cleaning is to help patients in Encinitas/San Diego avoid the… Read more »

The Details of Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

Deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, is similar to regular dental cleaning. Both involve removing harmful oral bacteria from your teeth and/or oral tissues, and both are necessary to preventing extensive oral or periodontal disease. The difference is that everyone requires routine dental cleanings, typically at least twice a year, even when their teeth… Read more »

Non-Surgical Treatments to Prevent Periodontal Disease

Threats to your oral health come in many forms, but periodontal disease (aka gum disease) is one of the most common, and one of the most destructive. Left untreated, the disease will erode the soft periodontal tissues and ligaments that support your teeth, and can gradually infect the jawbone underneath your gums, possibly leading to… Read more »

Periodontal Disease And Preventive Cleanings

Are you suffering from periodontal disease but you feel strongly about maintaining a healthy smile? You may find yourself in limbo, not quite sure whether you need to schedule regular six-month visits that you once relied on for dental cleanings – or if your gums are still too unhealthy for this option. Patients who recognize that they are… Read more »

What is a Periodontal Cleaning?

While regular dental cleanings are a typical, and vitally important, part of a good dental hygiene routine, there may come a time when a simple dental cleaning will not suffice. For instance, when gingivitis becomes a prominent threat, you may require a deeper periodontal cleaning, designed to treat gingivitis by cleaning away the bacteria that… Read more »