Month: March 2013

Encinitas Periodontist Explores the Popularity of Fluoride

When it comes to the health of your smile, prevention is priceless. Since most dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease are progressive, they only grow worse with time once they’ve developed. One of the more popular preventive tools in the fight against tooth decay is fluoride, which can be found in most modern toothpaste and… Read more »

What Can Your Dental Cleaning Do For You?

If you’re confident in your smile, then chances are you show it often. There is also a good chance that you take care of your smile by brushing and flossing your teeth every day, at least twice a day. While daily hygiene is vital, however, maintaining your smile’s good health also requires the touch of… Read more »

Surprising Sources of Malodorous Breath

The severity of some dental issues may be relevant to the patient. For instance, tooth loss can be a devastating issue for some people, while others may laugh it off and continue about their daily lives, confidence unaffected (it should be noted that if you ignore tooth loss, your oral health can continue to suffer… Read more »