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Are Your Teeth Loose? Here’s What You Need to Know

One of the most important factors in why your teeth are the strongest parts of your body is the fact that they have a comprehensive support system. Each tooth root has its own socket within your jawbone, and is held tightly by a complex network of periodontal tissues and ligaments. When this network is intact,… Read more »

The Problem with Teeth Becoming Loose

When they’re healthy, your teeth are some of the most formidable parts your body. Not only are they protected by the most resilient substance in your body (tooth enamel), but they’re also supported by a comprehensive system of jawbone structure and periodontal tissues. This support system helps ensure that your teeth remain strong, healthy, and… Read more »

Could a Toothache Mean You Have Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease (more commonly known as gum disease) can have a wide variety of symptoms. For example, because it’s localized to certain areas of your gums, you may notice spots where the tissue has become discolored, swollen, and/or slightly separated from your teeth roots. However, despite developing in your gum tissues, the disease can also… Read more »

How Oral Bacteria Destroy More than Teeth and Gums

Right now, there are about 10-15 billion bacteria in your mouth, classified into over 600 different identifiable strains. Many types of bacteria are essential to maintaining your body’s delicate ecological balance, and many of the microbes in your mouth do exactly that. Some, however, are dangerous, and can become severely detrimental to your teeth, gums,… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Prevent Future Tooth Loss?

When it comes to replacing teeth that are already lost, the benefits of dental implants are many. However, the small dental prostheses also possess several benefits that extend beyond restoring your smile’s appearance, and can improve your chances of preventing tooth loss in the future. The secret lies in the unseen consequences of missing teeth,… Read more »

What is Oral-systemic Health?

Keeping up with good dental and periodontal health is a reward unto itself, but a beautiful smile isn’t the only benefit. Oral-systemic health describes the relationship between oral health conditions, like periodontal disease, and chronic systemic issues, like heart disease. For instance, in the case of severe periodontal disease, the unchecked inflammation that damages your… Read more »

Important Questions About Wisdom Teeth

Where your dental health is concerned, wisdom teeth (the informal name for your third set of permanent molars) are a bit of an anomaly. Unlike your other teeth, wisdom teeth are frequently removed for the benefit of the rest of your oral health. Also unlike other teeth, they typically don’t need to be replaced after… Read more »

Periodontal Disease, and Other Causes of Tooth Loss

In a nutshell, one of the most important goals of maintaining good hygiene and regular dental care is the preservation of your healthy, natural teeth and oral structures. In some cases, though, this may not always be possible. Whether by accident or by neglect, adults lose their permanent teeth at an alarming rate, and if… Read more »

Oral Health Risks As You Age

Though your teeth are meant to endure, they may not last your entire lifetime, and your chances of developing a destructive dental disease can increase as you grow older. If infection, gum disease, accidental trauma, or excessive tooth wear afflict your smile, then you have a number of options specific to your needs that can… Read more »