Month: February 2019

Identifying Gum Disease in Different Stages

Periodontal disease is the most common reason why people lose teeth, and one of the biggest reasons why it advances so severely is because its earliest stages are commonly ignored. Before gum disease leads to tooth loss, it causes increasingly worse damage to your gum tissues, periodontal ligaments, and eventually, your jawbone structure. At our… Read more »

What Exactly Makes Dental Implants Different?

Dental implants are one of the more modern forms of tooth replacement, but are quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of rebuilding smiles. They consist of small, root-like posts that are inserted in the jawbone, and then used to support a custom-made crown, bridge, or denture to replace your lost teeth. At our Encinitas/San… Read more »

A Few Other Things that Gum Disease Affects

Periodontal disease, especially in its severe form, can become a serious threat to your health in many different ways. As the name suggests, the disease focuses on the protective periodontal tissues (or gum tissues) that protect the roots of your teeth. When diseased, these tissues can no longer offer that protection, leading to a host… Read more »

Learning How to Prevent Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is one of the most common oral health issues that adults experience (second only to tooth decay). In fact, it affects more than 70 percent of adults to some degree, and more people lose teeth to the disease than to any other oral health condition.  However, despite its… Read more »

Can Platelet-Rich Therapy Boost Your Periodontal Health?

The goal of holistic periodontal treatment isn’t just to fight periodontal (gum) disease, but to do so in a way that optimizes your oral and periodontal health. For example, in addition to scaling and root planing to remove harmful bacteria from underneath your gums, you may also benefit from one or more minimally invasive treatments… Read more »

Should Ozone Be Part of Your Periodontal Maintenance?

The biggest factors that drive the development of periodontal disease are harmful oral bacteria, which is why targeting these microbes is one of the most important factors in treating it. For example, scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) actively removes the biofilms (plaque and tartar) that form on your teeth roots. At our Encinitas/San Diego… Read more »

Important Points About Scaling and Root Planing

Professional cleaning is an important part of your routine oral health care. Typically, it involves carefully cleaning away the plaque and tartar that have developed on the crowns of your teeth. Sometimes, though, harmful oral bacteria can form plaque and tartar on the roots of your teeth, which rest underneath your gums rather than above… Read more »

Before You Qualify for Dental Implants

For many patients who lose teeth these days, the effects of their tooth loss don’t have as much of an impact on their quality of life as it used to. That’s largely thanks to innovative benefits of modern dental implants, which provide lifelike support for your replacement teeth in addition to restoring the functions of… Read more »

Why Do Gums Bleed from Gingivitis?

Bleeding gums are among the few highly definitive signs of gingivitis – the first stage of gum disease. Others, such as redness in your gums or slight inflammation, might not be as easy to detect, or they may result from a number of other concerns. However, when your gum tissues should never bleed, and if… Read more »

Important Things to Remember About Good Hygiene

Keeping up with good oral hygiene doesn’t sound that complicated to most people. However, despite the seeming simplicity of good hygiene practices, many people still experience common dental health issues that those practices are meant to prevent. Typically, the issue isn’t that people forget about their hygiene; it’s that they don’t always remember every aspect… Read more »