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How Digital X-Rays Help Us Assess Your Periodontal Health

How serious is your periodontal infection? If you are only familiar with gingivitis, you may be surprised at just how harmful gum disease can become if it is not managed in time. Your initial infection can worsen if it is not properly addressed, at which point you can find yourself at risk for tissue damage,… Read more »

Should You Take Home Perio Protect To Address Gum Disease?

When periodontal disease forms, it can be difficult for you to stop the continued growth of bacteria beneath your gum line. Over time, this problem can lead to the damage of tissues that keep a tooth in place, which can result in its loss. Unchecked problems with periodontal disease can also put you at risks… Read more »

How Can I Prevent Tissue Damage From Gum Disease?

If you want to protect your periodontal tissues from damage, your ideal goal should be to prevent gum disease from forming. You keep your smile safe from gingivitis through smart oral hygiene habits that defend you against the buildup of oral bacteria. When gingivitis forms, the problem can be reversed before there is permanent damage… Read more »

Does Gum Disease Really Increase My Risk For Tooth Loss?

Any health problem can generate some cause for concern. When it comes to gingivitis, you can experience some alarm at the sight of gums that bleed easily, or appear swollen and discolored. Unfortunately, the problem can grow more severe over time if an infection is not addressed at this stage. People who do not take… Read more »

We Can Fight Unwelcome Bacteria With Ozone Therapy

How does periodontal disease become a problem? When we clean our teeth each day, we remove harmful bacteria that can cause tartar buildup, cavities, and infections that hurt our gum tissues. If you fail to effectively guard your gum line when you brush and floss, those bacteria can infect your periodontal tissues and cause gingivitis,… Read more »

Should You Seek A Second Opinion To Discuss Gum Disease?

A second opinion appointment to discuss a health concern can be more than just a confirmation that something is wrong. It is also capable of doing more than reassuring you a problem is less concerning than you had initially feared. By seeking out information from a specialist, you can learn about modern treatment solutions that… Read more »

Preventing Patient Discomfort During Periodontal Care

If your troubles with periodontal disease go untreated, the consequences can be serious. The problem can affect your general health, and do concerning damage to the tissues that support your teeth. Fortunately, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist can help you manage the effects of gum disease through modern treatments that protect your periodontal tissues, and… Read more »

Yes, You Should Take A Periodontal Infection Seriously

Earlier this month, a firefighter in England experienced a serious heart condition that he traced back to his effort to dislodge a piece of popcorn stuck between his teeth. After making several attempts to remove the piece with different items, he believes that a resulting infection affecting his gums was the reason for his endocarditis…. Read more »

Worried About Gum Disease? Talk To A Periodontist

While your dentist can provide an important protection against many problems that affect your smile, they may suggest seeing a specialist if you are affected by periodontal disease. When people think about gum disease, they sometimes only think about gingivitis, which can be reversed through proper preventive care. While our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice… Read more »

Strategies For Fighting Harmful Periodontal Bacteria

While modern procedures are available to help you fight periodontal disease, you should make preventive efforts your priority if you want to preserve your smile. Your gums, like your teeth, benefit when you maintain an effective oral hygiene routine. When you brush and floss your teeth, you can remove the harmful bacteria that can cause… Read more »