Category: Periodontal Disease

Recognizing The Threat Of Periodontal Disease

The longer you take to recognize that you have a problem with gum disease, the more likely you are to face serious complications from your infection. Unfortunately, people sometimes overlook the warning signs or disregard them, as they are not aware of just how much damage an untreated issue can cause. Did you know that… Read more »

Should I Consider Supportive Periodontal Maintenance?

The right preventive measures can help you avoid problems with gum disease. Those measures should take the form of both in-office care and professional dental checkups and cleanings. For people who have struggled with maintaining their periodontal health, an alternative to traditional teeth cleanings may be appropriate. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can talk… Read more »

When Tooth Loss Is A Consequence Of Gum Disease

People with gum disease can fail to realize just how serious their problem is, or how harmful it can eventually become, until they speak with a periodontist. Did you know that an untreated infection raises your risk for tooth loss? This is not the only consequence of the condition, but it is a worrying one…. Read more »

What Makes Perio Protect Good For Your Gums?

Does it make sense for you to do more than just brush and floss in order to fight gum disease? For someone who has a history of issues with their periodontal health, an extra degree of support can certainly be beneficial. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist can provide additional help in the form of Perio… Read more »

Tobacco Use And Your Periodontal Health

There are habits you can—and should—practice on a daily basis that help you lower your risk for problems with your periodontal and dental health. However, even with a good hygiene routine in place, it can be difficult for you to avoid issues when you practice habits that raise your risk for problems. Tobacco use can be linked… Read more »

Are Gum Disease And Tooth Loss Linked?

How much effect can problems with your periodontal health really have on your appearance and well-being? In time, the tissue damage linked to your infection can have significant consequences, as you can end up losing teeth! Complications from poor periodontal health lead all other causes of adult tooth loss. This is not the only problem… Read more »

3 Treatment Strategies For Gum Disease

How can you see to it that you are safe from complications linked to gum disease? If a problem with gingivitis is not caught in time, an infection can have serious consequences. Fortunately, whether you need preventive care to avoid these issues or need help managing them, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist can provide the… Read more »

Have You Underestimated Gum Disease?

Does something like gum disease really need to make you worry about your health? There are serious complications associated with this condition, making its treatment more important than you may suspect. Not managing it can result in problems with tooth loss, as tissue damage stemming from the infection will occur. Another worry is that bacteria… Read more »

Using Ozone Therapy To Fight Harmful Microbes

A problem with gum disease will affect you when harmful oral bacteria start to gather on your roots after moving beneath your gums. This infection, when not addressed in time, can become serious enough to make you vulnerable to tooth loss and other real threats. However, you should know that not all of the bacteria… Read more »

Identifying The Symptoms Of Poor Gum Health

If you want to stay healthy over the years, make sure your gums are receiving enough attention. If you let a problem with an infection go untreated, there are serious consequences that can ultimately affect you. The problems linked to advanced gum disease include tooth loss as well as complications that threaten your overall well-being!… Read more »