Month: May 2019

You Can Enjoy The Festival Of The Sea Memorial Day Weekend!

During Memorial Day weekend, families in and around the San Diego, CA area can check out the Festival Of The Sea celebration. This special event is being held to commemorate the 250th anniversary of what has become modern San Diego. There will be family-friendly events taking place throughout the weekend at the Maritime Museum Of… Read more »

Find Out How We Can Provide Minimally Invasive Gum Grafts!

If your gums are affected by an infection, you can experience several warning signs. You might be compelled to seek treatment because your gums appear reddened or swollen, problems that can be reduced with the proper periodontal intervention. You can also experience a recession of your gum line, which can lead to frustrating new problems…. Read more »

Has Periodontal Disease Already Harmed Your Gums?

When a person identifies the signs of gingivitis, and addresses the matter, their periodontal tissues can be spared any worrying damage. For a person whose condition progresses to more serious periodontal disease, harm to periodontal tissues, and tissues that keep teeth secure, can become a frustrating problem. If you have already experienced this harm, you… Read more »

Bring Your Family To A Sandcastle And Sunset Party May 17!

The warming weather makes the beach especially hard to resist. On Friday, May 17, you can bring your family out to a special evening event at the Sandcastle And Sunset Party hosted by the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy. This event is about more than just fun in the sand – the group will do a… Read more »

Using Technology To Closely Study Your Periodontal Health

Even if you are not able to see the effects of periodontal disease, the problem can have a serious effect on your oral health, and potentially your overall health. To more thoroughly check on the health of your gums, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist can use modern imaging technology to closely evaluate your smile. With… Read more »

What To Expect When You Work With A Periodontal Specialist

When you practice smart dental care, and stay consistent about cleaning your teeth at your gum line, you can protect yourself against gum disease. Unfortunately, people are not always as thorough with their smile care as they ought to be. This lack of thoroughness, and a lack of appreciation for the harm gum disease can… Read more »

The 2019 San Diego County Fair Starts May 31!

Are you ready to have fun this summer? Starting on Friday, May 31, families can take part in the fun of the San Diego County Fair! This year’s fair is taking inspiration from┬áThe Wizard Of Oz, and providing everyone an opportunity see what kind of rides, games, and treats they can find while walking the… Read more »

Enjoying Extra Periodontal Protection At Home

Your periodontal specialist in Encinitas/San Diego, CA can provide a range of impressive services that help you maintain your gum health. Did you know that you can actually enjoy extra protection for your gums at home, too? By taking home Perio Protect, you can provide direct care for your gums by directly applying a special… Read more »