Month: February 2021

How PRP Therapy Helps You Deal With Periodontal Disease

What symptoms of gum disease are you familiar with? Many people can identify common symptoms of gingivitis like bleeding gums, problems with tissue sensitivity, bad breath, or gum line recession. However, they can be less familiar with the more serious consequences that can occur when periodontal disease affects you. When gum disease worsens and creates… Read more »

How We Safely Provide Periodontal Services For Patients

We understand that concerns around coronavirus have changed many people’s priorities, and generally led to a reduction in activities that take them out of their homes. In order to make sure our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can safely tend to our patients’ needs, we have followed CDC and ADA guidelines and updated our office… Read more »

Should You Start Using Perio Protect To Fight Gum Disease?

If you practice good oral hygiene, you can stop the buildup of oral bacteria that makes a person vulnerable to gingivitis. In the long term, the work you put into protecting your smile can help you avoid some of the potentially serious consequences of periodontal disease, a more advanced infection that can affect someone over… Read more »

Interested In Implant Dentistry? Our Practice Can Help!

With dental implants, patients who undergo prosthetic dental work can have an easier time biting and chewing, and they can avoid problems over time with jawbone deterioration. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we are prepared to work with patients who need to begin plans for implant placement. Before you can receive your implant,… Read more »

Your Periodontal Health And Its Effect On Your Smile

How can gum disease affect the way you look? For people with periodontal disease, tooth loss is a real threat – in other words, poor gum health means you are more likely to have an incomplete smile later in life. Before this happens, you can feel unhappy with the way you look because your gums… Read more »

Seeking A Second Opinion About Your Periodontal Health

We all want to hear nothing but positive feedback during a dental exam. Unfortunately, sometimes the dentist is obligated to deliver bad news. If you have received warnings about your periodontal health, you can be understandably worried. If gum disease is not caught and treated in time, the condition can worsen, and that can lead… Read more »

What Can I Do To Address Gum Line Recession?

There are several signs of poor gum health that you can identify. Some problems with gingivitis lead to temporary concerns that you can address by treating your infection. For example, you can address problems with gums that bleed easily by fighting gingivitis; treatment for this problem can also help if you have tissues that appear… Read more »

Can Periodontal Problems Impact My General Health?

Is your general health going to be impacted if you develop problems with your periodontal health? If you start to struggle with gingivitis, the right care can stop the infection before it worsens and protect both your gums and overall well-being. Unfortunately, problems with periodontal disease are more difficult to manage, and they can cause… Read more »