Month: December 2014

The Link Between Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Periodontal disease is a widespread and common dental health problem. What begins as a minor dental issue can soon develop into gum disease (periodontitis). Without treatment, many patients can develop adult tooth loss. Fortunately, there are options available to address dental disease and restore missing teeth.

FAQs: Tips for Gum Disease Prevention

In the United States, gum disease affects millions of adults. This common dental disease can actually increase the risk of adult tooth loss, hurting the appearance and stability of your smile. Fortunately, this widespread dental health issue can be prevented with the right preventive measures.

Quiz: Who Qualifies for Dental Implants?

When you lose even a single tooth, the health and stability of your smile becomes threatened. Replacing a lost tooth as soon as possible can help preserve your appearance and overall health. For many people, dental implants offer an ideal replacement option.