Month: May 2020

When Periodontal Disease Progresses

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is highly preventable, and when it does develop, it can be successfully managed before it causes severe trouble for your oral health. Yet, despite this, severe periodontal disease remains a significant threat to many people, and is one of the most frequent causes behind adult tooth loss. The difference between… Read more »

The Keys to Preventing Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the more common oral health threats adults can develop. In severe cases, it can lead to tooth loss or the need for extraction, as well as several other consequences to your overall health risks. Fortunately, periodontal disease can be successfully prevented, but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that’s guaranteed to work…. Read more »

Could Ozone Therapy Enhance Your Gum Health?

Keeping your gums healthy is an important part of your overall oral hygiene routine, and in many ways, it’s just as simple. By preventing oral bacteria from accumulating heavily on your gum line, you can largely prevent the conditions that lead to gingivitis and more serious gum disease. However, controlling oral and periodontal bacteria isn’t… Read more »

How Dental Hygiene Helps You Fight Periodontal Disease

For some people, the fight against periodontal disease and the negative effects it can have on their oral health is an ongoing one. When the disease reaches a certain point in its earlier stages, it can become a permanent concern to the state of your periodontal and oral health. Much like preventing periodontal disease, maintaining… Read more »

Key Concerns When Addressing Tooth Loss

The loss of one more teeth can be obviously concerning when it comes to your oral health, but not all of the consequences of it can be immediately noticeable. Because of this, addressing the loss of your teeth in a way that successfully restores and rebuilds your smile is a highly personalized process that, in… Read more »

Signs You Might Take as Warnings of Gum Disease

Many people recognize the term, gum disease, well enough to believe they would recognize the condition itself. However, one of the main reasons why periodontal disease often grows more severe is because the earliest signs can often be missed or overlooked. Today, we examine a few of these signs and what they could mean, as… Read more »

Why Treating Periodontal Disease Often Requires an Expert

When many people think of gingivitis, they consider it the kind of condition their dentists can address during their next routine checkup and cleaning appointment. Sometimes, this is the case, and early dental treatment can help them avoid more serious trouble. However, in more advanced cases of periodontal disease, the complex nature of the disease… Read more »

Keeping Your Gums Healthy After You Recover From Gingivitis

While periodontal disease can become a permanent issue, you can protect your gums from an infection when you respond to signs of gingivitis. Through good habits at home, and through preventive periodontal care, the bacteria that cause your infection can be stopped from causing further trouble for your gums. Once you have successfully addressed this… Read more »