Month: November 2017

Am I Destined to Lose Teeth if I Have Gum Disease?

Of all the potential causes of adult tooth loss, severe periodontal disease is the leading one among adults in the United States. Also known as gum disease, the condition relentlessly attacks your gums and periodontal tissues, eventually reaching your jawbone structure and eroding it, too. This process can leave one or more of your teeth… Read more »

Why You Should Quit Smoking if You Want Dental Implants

For replacing lost or extracted teeth, dental implants are typically the most comprehensive option. Dental implant posts replace your lost teeth roots, and therefore have a profoundly positive impact on your long-term jawbone, periodontal, and oral health. However, if you indulge in smoking, then your eligibility for dental implant placement can be at risk. In… Read more »