Protecting Your Gums With Ozone Therapy

kania ozone therapyOur team believes in a holistic approach to treating and managing periodontal concerns, providing safe and convenient solutions. To help prevent the disease or manage it to avoid the late stages, we can offer Ozone Therapy. In today’s blog, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA, periodontist talks about the benefits of Ozone Therapy for keeping your gums healthy and strong, so your smile stays whole!


Taking Steps To Improve Gum Health

gum health encinitas caYour gum health matters, and if you are not taking the time to make sure that they are healthy, it could put your entire smile at risk. The tissue surrounding your teeth provides pivotal protection for them, and when they become inflamed or infected, it can pose real problems for your oral health. In fact, periodontal disease is routinely identified as the leading cause of adult tooth loss, so it is important to make sure that you are doing what you can to keep them safe and clean.

With Dr. Kania, DDS, DMSc at Saxony Dental Arts Center in Encinitas, CA, you have a dedicated periodontist who can help you to keep your oral health at a high level. Through sophisticated holistic treatment for your smile, you can renew your focus on your oral health, helping you to avoid further damage. Your gums are a vital part of your oral health, so make sure that you put the effort into keeping them clean from plaque and tartar buildup through scaling and root planing. And if you struggle with gum recession, talk to our team about ways to improve your gumline through LANAP treatment and pinhole surgical grafts!


Gum Disease Can Risk Your Smile

gum disease encinitas caWhen you think about your smile, what is the first thing that you envision? For most people, the focus is primarily on their teeth, but it is important to remember the pivotal role that your periodontal tissue plays in supporting your oral health. Your gums do a lot of the heavy lifting for your smile, and taking the time to care for them can make a big difference in your ability to keep yourself safe. Gum disease is routinely identified as the leading cause of tooth loss, so take your whole mouth’s health seriously.

With Dr. Kania, DDS, DMSc at Saxony Dental Arts Center in Encinitas, CA, you have the opportunity to renew your gumline with holistic periodontal treatment designed to help you keep an eye on both your health and your appearance. Maintaining close control over your oral hygiene is a big part of avoiding periodontal disease, and it is also an effective way to treat it once it has arrived. If you have started to notice that your gumline has shifted, talk to our team about your options to reclaim your gum health. Bleeding while brushing is a sign of bacterial infection, so don’t let it go on any longer!


Dental Sedation Provides A Comfortable Experience

Encinitas sedationOur team offers an array of periodontal treatment and even dental implants to address serious concerns, restoring your smile to optimal oral health and function, avoiding issues like tooth loss. But we want to make sure your treatment is a comfortable experience. In today’s blog, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA, periodontist talks about our approach to dental sedation.