Can Treatment Help You Grow Healthy Gum Tissues?

When periodontal disease becomes a serious concern, it can create several issues that you will have to worry about. One concern is over the destruction of gum tissues. Fortunately, this is something our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help you deal with, as we offer PRP therapy. With platelet-rich plasma, we can encourage healthy and natural growth of tissues in order to respond to the effects of gum disease. This acts as a holistic approach, as it relies on the body’s natural ability to grow healthy tissues. After performing a diagnostic review to see how your infection has affected you, Dr. Kania can determine how this or other procedures might be able to help you. (more…)

3 Reasons To Feel At Ease About Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal problems are not something that should be taken lightly. If you let an infection develop and worsen, it can cause long-term difficulties with your general health and increase your risk for tooth loss! Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is ready to help individuals who are struggling with an advanced infection, and we are also here to help people prevent periodontal problems from worsening. To ensure that everyone in our office remains safe from possible infection, we are following the recommendations of the CDC and ADA to provide a safe setting against coronavirus. If you feel uncomfortable about treatment itself, know that we have advanced technology and dental sedation available to help make your experience more pleasant. (more…)

Addressing Tooth Loss Caused By Gum Disease

There are several consequences people face when they do not deal with gum disease in time. Timely action can prevent gingivitis from worsening and causing long-term difficulties. In fact, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can provide preventive services if you are affected by this infection. If the trouble with your gums has already worsened into periodontal disease, more involved care may be needed to fully restore your smile. One serious consequence of advanced gum disease is tooth loss. Over time, the bacteria that infect your gums destroy the tissues that keep teeth held in place. When too much damage occurs, they can be lost, or they may need to be extracted. In addition to helping people avoid tooth loss, we can start the process of restoring your smile through implant dentistry. (more…)

How Oral Health Affects More than Just Your Teeth

When most people think of a dentist, they think of teeth, but if you look a little further you will see that keeping your teeth in the best possible condition is just one part of what happens at the dentist’s office in San Diego, CA. Along with absolutely necessary preventive care to keep tooth decay at bay are many other oral health benefits provided by a family dentist in Encinitas, CA. We are concerned and involved in all facets of care for your oral structures, and we know that your oral health can affect other body systems. (more…)

How Our Office Safety Measures Keep Periodontal Care Safe

Without treatment, periodontal disease can cause potentially serious problems to occur. One problem concerns tooth loss. Over time, periodontal bacteria will gradually destroy the tissues that support teeth, leaving them without needed support. People affected by periodontal disease can also experience complications with their general health, and can have a harder time managing certain conditions, like diabetes. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is ready to welcome patients and provide important services to fight infections. We have always made patient safety and comfort a priority. In response to the threat of Covid-19, we have implemented new measures to keep our patients and team members safe against potential infection. Because of this, we continue to provide services for diagnosing, preventing, and managing periodontal disease! (more…)

Scheduling A Diagnostic Review Of Your Periodontal Health

You can prevent gingivitis with good oral hygiene habits, and with regular dental exams and cleanings. What can be difficult is managing your periodontal health when an active infection is already present. In time, gingivitis will worsen, which leaves you struggling with periodontal disease. At this point, the trouble with your gums can interfere with your general health, make other conditions, like diabetes, more difficult to manage, and raise your risk for tooth loss! Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is prepared to help if you think you have issues with periodontal disease. First, we can evaluate your gums using diagnostic imaging technology. Once we know the severity of your condition, we can discuss treatment options that can help you. (more…)

How Ozone Therapy Can Fit Into Your Periodontal Treatment

You prevent periodontal problems by protecting your gums from infection by oral bacteria. When bacteria are able to move below your gum line, they cause gingivitis, which will worsen without proper care and create more significant issues with periodontal disease. If you are already struggling with periodontal disease, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist can provide beneficial services to protect you. One procedure that we offer is ozone therapy. Through this treatment, we are able to directly attach harmful bacteria while still protecting the microbes that help sustain your mouth’s healthy ecosystem. Ozone therapy relies on concentrations of oxygen available in both liquid and gas form. (more…)

Addressing Advanced Periodontal Trouble With Lasers

Periodontal problems can carry big consequences for your smile and well-being, which is why their proper management is important. Are you looking for someone to help you deal with periodontal disease? Timely treatment can help you control this infection, which can make other health conditions like diabetes harder to manage, and raises your risk for losing teeth. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice uses several treatment approaches to support patients who need help managing their gum health. One approach we can take is to use lasers to fight bacteria and remove unhealthy tissues to encourage healthy growth. Both our LANAP laser and the REPAIR WaterLase laser make treatments more comfortable than periodontal care performed with manual tools, and they make recovery easier for patients! (more…)

Deal With Periodontal Bacteria At Home With Perio Protect

Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist is ready to fight periodontal problems with modern, patient-friendly procedures. Having access to the right in-office care is important. When periodontal disease is not managed effectively, people who suffer from it are vulnerable to tooth loss and complications that affect other health conditions. With that said, you should also put up a strong line of defense for your gums through your daily oral hygiene routine. Perio Protect helps you directly fight the bacteria gathering below your gum line. When used, it will help you deal with unwelcome microbes that you might miss when you brush and floss. This can also help with active problems related to your infection, like inflammation, that may cause you discomfort. (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions That Can Help You Protect Your Gums

At the start of the new year, many of us will take a moment to both look back and look forward as we determine the right resolutions for 2021. One thing to consider as you start to think about changes you can make is how your actions affect your dental and periodontal health. If you have experienced issues with gingivitis in the past, know that an infection can become more serious if it is not resolved in time, and that periodontal disease can have worrying consequences. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help you deal with the effects of periodontal disease. We are also able to provide preventive services in the form of scaling and root planing to stop gingivitis from growing more serious, and through guidance to better protect your gums. (more…)