The Advantage of Lifelike Dental Implants

Although advanced dentistry can help save your smile from almost any dental issue, there are still occasions when tooth loss is imminent, such as from dental trauma or severe periodontal disease. As impressive as preventive dental treatments are, our ability to replace the entire structure of a lost tooth is even more so. As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Kania is specially trained to restore teeth and their foundations. Today, we help you gain a better understanding of tooth loss and the benefits of dental implants. (more…)

What Is the Difference Between Gingivitis and Periodontitis?

The terms, gingivitis and periodontal disease, are often used interchangeably. However, it is important to realize that they are significantly different. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease). As the mildest form, it can often be treated with targeted periodontal cleaning and an improved preventive dental routine. By contrast, periodontitis is a much more severe form of gum disease, and if allowed to progress, treating the condition may involve specialized periodontal treatment and maintenance. (more…)

Are Some Foods Better for Your Oral Health?

That fact that food affects your oral health should not come as a surprise. After all, food enters your body through your mouth. What is less-known, however, is how certain foods interact with your mouth, or what particular nutrients can dictate the status of your oral health. The truth is that your oral and periodontal structures require a healthy flow of essential minerals and nutrients just as the rest of your body’s systems. Below, we explore a few minerals and nutrients that are particularly important to your continued good oral health(more…)

Connections Between Alzheimer’s and Periodontal Disease

A study conducted by NYU dental researchers in 2010 determined that the presence of gum disease can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The team examined over 20 years of data and research on 152 elderly subjects. The findings indicated that subjects who exhibited gum inflammation at the beginning of the study were nine times more likely to score lower on cognitive tests than their counterparts who had no inflammation. By highlighting the connections between periodontal disease and cognitive decline, the study also emphasizes the systemic benefits of maintaining good periodontal health. (more…)

Two Ways Oral Bacteria Threaten Your Overall Health

Although you may not realize it, your mouth hosts a jungle of organisms and bacteria (over 600 different species of bacteria, to be precise). That could be a scary number, but thankfully, most of these bacteria are harmless and just want to enjoy your unwitting hospitality. Some are even helpful and assist in neutralizing harmful bacteria and other agents. There are a few, though, that deserve careful attention. The following two, in particular, are among the most notorious oral bacteria that work tirelessly to compromise your oral health, and as a result, your long-term systemic wellbeing. (more…)

Do Gums Hold the Key to Controlling Inflammation?

A healthy smile is well-equipped to defend itself against most dental issues. For instance, your teeth are protected by the strongest substance your body produces, called tooth enamel, which protects your teeth from damage and disease. Your saliva consists mostly of water to help neutralize acids and rinse away harmful oral bacteria. Today, we explore another wonder that can be discovered tucked away in your gingival tissue—adult stem cells that can aid in tissue regeneration, as well as fight the destruction of untamed tissue inflammation. (more…)

The Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health

Government regulation has forced the manufacturers of tobacco products to post warnings in conspicuous locations on their packages. However, not everyone who smokes is aware of the significant dangers that the habit poses to their oral health. To raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, we explore some of the more troublesome facts about how smoking and smokeless tobacco can seriously threaten your oral health. (more…)