Make Sure You Check Your Gums For Signs Of Gingivitis

When you brush and floss your teeth, how much attention do you pay to your smile? By looking over your teeth and gums as you clean them, you can identify signs of trouble, particularly with gingivitis. While gingivitis may not cause you pain, it can have several unpleasant effects on your periodontal tissues that you can spot. Recognizing signs of gingivitis can be important, because it can give you the chance to address the problem before it worsens and you develop periodontal disease. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is prepared to help you if you struggle with this condition. We have diagnostic technology to determine what state your gums are in. We can also offer preventive services to fight gum disease, and protect you against the consequences of untreated gingivitis. (more…)

A Smoking Habit Can Leave You Vulnerable To Gum Disease

A habit of smoking can affect the health of your lungs, stain your teeth, and make you vulnerable to a range of other oral and general health concerns. If you have struggled with periodontal disease, and you smoke, you should know that this behavior can have negative consequences for the health of your gums. By cutting smoking, you can better protect yourself against gingivitis, and make yourself less susceptible to the formation of periodontal disease. As part of our commitment to helping patients protect themselves against periodontal health issues, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA practice can recommend smart behavior changes to protect your gums. We are also able to provide a range of services that can deal with problems that have already developed. (more…)

Your Oral Hygiene Routine Can Protect You From Gingivitis

How do people come to find themselves affected by periodontal disease? Just like your teeth, your gums benefit from smart daily hygiene habits. Infections occur when bacteria that gather at the base of your teeth travel below your gum line and attack the tissues. This infection can lead to harmful inflammation, and over time it can lead to the destruction of gums and hard tissues supporting your teeth! Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice knows how serious an infection can be, and we are prepared to use modern services to combat the effects of periodontal disease. To avoid these issues, make sure you are practicing good oral care habits on a daily basis! (more…)

Ignoring Periodontal Disease Can Impact Your General Health

How much attention do your gums really need? Is evidence of periodontal disease something that should alarm you, or is it something that you can quickly and easily resolve? If you act quickly to prevent periodontal problems when you experience gingivitis, you can stop an infection before it becomes difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, many people do not take proper steps to manage their gum health until they have developed periodontal disease. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help you fight this condition, which can become harder to control. In addition to protecting you against tooth loss, proper treatment for periodontal troubles can help you avoid complications that might lead to negative consequences for your overall health! (more…)

We Provide A Patient-Friendly Approach To Gum Grafting

When periodontal disease takes its toll on a person’s smile, they may notice an unwelcome change to their gum line. The recession of these tissues can expose areas of teeth that are typically covered, and are more sensitive when they lack protection from your gums. This change can also have a negative impact on your appearance, as it can make your teeth look long, or affect the symmetry of your smile. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is here to help you if you want to restore your gum line. Thanks to our pinhole gum grafting procedure, we can provide this service with less work and a shorter healing period. (more…)

Can Gum Disease Affect My Plans To Replace Lost Teeth?

After struggling with periodontal disease, patients can find themselves embarrassed by the loss of one or more of their teeth. This can result because an infection can destroy the tissues that support teeth, leaving them without the stability they need. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we have experience helping patients affected by tooth loss and periodontal disease. If an active infection is stopping you from moving forward with prosthetic dental work, we can talk to you about treatment so you can move on to regain your full smile. We can also talk to you about planning your dental implant placement. (more…)

Taking Your Concerns About Gum Disease To A Periodontist

While the condition may not be painful, it is possible for you to notice the signs of gingivitis at home. You may recognize a problem because your gums often bleed when you brush, or because the tissues look swollen or seem discolored. While your dentist can offer support for problems like gingivitis, treatment from a specialist can be important if you have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an advanced form of periodontal infection, one that you can experience if you do not address gingivitis successfully. By visiting our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice to discuss the matter, you can find out about modern procedures that can protect you against the harmful effects of this condition. (more…)

Platelet Rich Plasma Can Help With Healthy Tissue Growth

Why is periodontal disease so often linked to tooth loss? When the disease is not being managed, it can cause the destruction of periodontal and bone tissues that are responsible for holding teeth in place. When this attachment loss occurs, it may become necessary to extract loose teeth, or they may even be lost on their own. As part of the process of restoring your periodontal health, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist can provide work to remove unhealthy tissues and also encourage healthy growth of your gums. Platelet rich plasma therapy can help you recover tissues that are not affected by gum disease, so you can start to recover from your infection while also enjoying support from periodontal tissues. (more…)

Using Ozone Therapy To Manage Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease occurs when the bacteria that gather on teeth make their way underneath your gum line. When this occurs, they can create problems with inflammation and tissue damage as they continue to grow, and they can cause serious oral and general health concerns. The damage done by periodontal bacteria can lead to tooth loss, and the potential spread of bacteria can cause you to experience additional health troubles! At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we offer several treatments that can control the threat of periodontal disease. One treatment we provide is ozone therapy, which uses concentrated doses of oxygen to eliminate harmful bacteria without hurting beneficial microbes. (more…)

Making Plans To Replace Teeth Lost Due To Gum Disease

When it is caught and treated in time, gum disease can be stopped before there are complications that affect your smile. Through preventive periodontal services and a smart oral hygiene routine, issues linked to periodontal disease can be successfully avoided. Unfortunately, when problems are not addressed in time, it can be difficult to manage an infection successfully. This can lead to several concerns, one of which is tooth loss. The loss of teeth is often linked to gum disease – complications from an infection are actually the leading cause of this problem. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can offer many treatments to help you deal with periodontal disease. As part of our commitment to restoring your smile, we can even work with you on the placement of dental implants to hold replacement teeth. (more…)