Month: May 2015

Periodontal Disease, and Other Causes of Tooth Loss

In a nutshell, one of the most important goals of maintaining good hygiene and regular dental care is the preservation of your healthy, natural teeth and oral structures. In some cases, though, this may not always be possible. Whether by accident or by neglect, adults lose their permanent teeth at an alarming rate, and if… Read more »

What is a Periodontal Cleaning?

While regular dental cleanings are a typical, and vitally important, part of a good dental hygiene routine, there may come a time when a simple dental cleaning will not suffice. For instance, when gingivitis becomes a prominent threat, you may require a deeper periodontal cleaning, designed to treat gingivitis by cleaning away the bacteria that… Read more »

Questions About Laser Periodontal Treatment

Today, advanced dental and periodontal treatment often involves the use of laser technology. For instance, using a specially-calibrated soft-tissue laser instead of a scalpel, we can perform periodontal surgery to treat gum disease with unmatched precision and reduced damage to surrounding tissues. In fact, with specialized training and education in laser periodontal treatment, Dr. Kania… Read more »

Oral Health Risks As You Age

Though your teeth are meant to endure, they may not last your entire lifetime, and your chances of developing a destructive dental disease can increase as you grow older. If infection, gum disease, accidental trauma, or excessive tooth wear afflict your smile, then you have a number of options specific to your needs that can… Read more »