Month: April 2015

Smokeless Tobacco—A Dangerous Alternative to Smoking

Although tobacco companies are required to place warning labels on their products, they are not required to provide a full list of the products’ ingredients on each package. Therefore, even people who are aware that tobacco use can be dangerous may not realize to what extent until they are faced with the consequences. Unfortunately, lack… Read more »

Gum Disease and Heart Disease in Women

The natures of gum disease and heart disease (two of the most harmful oral and systemic diseases) do not differ from person to person, and without proper care, each can be equally harmful to everyone. However, many of the biological differences between men and women can mean that women may sometimes be at an increased… Read more »

What Are Pinhole® Gum Grafts?

Gum grafts are a common recourse for restoring periodontal tissue that has become irreversibly damaged or infected, or that has receded significantly and exposed your vulnerable teeth roots. As part of our continued dedication to providing advanced services and techniques that make your care more comfortable and effective, Dr. Kania is now certified to provide… Read more »

Keep Your Oral Health Safe from Tobacco

The dangers of smoke and tobacco to your health are not a well-guarded secret. Experts, including the surgeon general, agree that smoking kills healthy tissue cells and can lead to or exacerbate a wide variety of health issues, including lung disease and cancer. Since your mouth is the first part of your body to come into… Read more »

Nutrition’s Role in Your Dental Health Maintenance

There are a number of factors that can influence your oral health and the effectiveness of your dental hygiene, most importantly the food and beverages that you consume. While most of us have been warned from early ages to refrain from candy, cookies, cakes, and other cavity-causing concoctions, some people may be surprised to learn… Read more »