Month: August 2018

The Progression of Periodontal Disease

One of the reasons why periodontal disease is such a threat to your smile is because it’s progressive. Once it develops, it continues to grow worse the longer it’s left untreated, and many patients in Encinitas/San Diego don’t realize they have it until it becomes severe. Fortunately, your periodontal expert can help you address periodontal… Read more »

Good Reasons to Take Tooth Loss Seriously

Your teeth are meant to last for life with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, tooth loss still remains a significant and common concern, and for many patients in Encinitas/San Diego, it can have several serious consequences. The good news is that most patients realize the importance of addressing their tooth loss as soon as possible… Read more »

How Tooth Plaque Causes Gum Disease

For patients in Encinitas/San Diego who deal with gum disease, it can be one of the greatest concerns for the long-term health of their smiles. However, despite the severe effects that it can have on your periodontal tissues and oral structures, gum disease begins as nothing more than plaque developing and calcifying on your teeth…. Read more »

How LANAP Treats Periodontal Disease Comfortably

Treating gum disease is a highly personalized process. Not only are your gums unique to your smile, but so are the nature, extent, and location of your gum disease. Because treating the disease involves targeting it precisely (as well as the oral bacteria causing it), your treatment will have to be tailored to you, specifically…. Read more »

Do Dental Implants Really Last for Life?

Your teeth are meant to last for life, even though there are many different things that could eventually lead to tooth loss if not addressed properly (like gum disease). Therefore, the best way to replace your lost teeth is with a prosthesis that also lasts for life, or as close to it as possible. For… Read more »

A Few Signs that It’s Time to Visit Your Periodontist

When you stick to a consistent schedule of preventive dental health visits, your dentist can usually spot signs of trouble early, including periodontal (gum) disease. However, you don’t always need to wait until your dental visit to know that you might be experiencing the early stages of gum disease. For patients in the Encinitas/San Diego… Read more »

What Everyone Should Know About Periodontal Disease

Like most chronic dental diseases, periodontal disease isn’t inevitable. Despite the fact that it affects nearly 80% of adults to some degree, the condition commonly known as gum disease is highly preventable under the right circumstances. Those circumstances include consistently good hygiene, regular preventive dental care, and when necessary, the help of a periodontal expert…. Read more »

A Few Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implants have long been recognized by dental health professionals as the most comprehensive solution to replacing tooth loss. That’s because they not only restore your smile’s appearance, but also the unseen but vitally important of your lost teeth roots. For patients in Encinitas/San Diego, addressing tooth loss with dental implants helps them enjoy healthier,… Read more »

How to Brush and Floss with Gum Disease in Mind

It’s no secret that brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once every day are the cornerstones of preventing most common dental diseases. Yet, even patients who diligently stick to that routine may find themselves faced with a developing issue, such as gum disease, and the need to address it. The reason is often… Read more »

Is Periodontal Disease Really Preventable?

Maintaining a healthy smile is typically simple with a good dental hygiene and preventive dental care routine. Yet, sometimes, that maintenance requires addressing specific concerns, such as periodontal (gum) disease, before they’re allowed to cause significant damage to your teeth and oral tissues. Such issues occur commonly – periodontal disease alone affects over 80% of… Read more »