Month: April 2018

A Few Things that Improve with Dental Implants

Like most aspects of your dental health, there are several things connected to tooth loss that aren’t immediately obvious. As a result, there is much more to consider when replacing your lost teeth than just what you can see. That’s what makes dental implants the preferable option in most cases – they’re the only way… Read more »

The Advantages of Perio Protect

While periodontal disease (aka, gum disease) is highly preventable, it remains one of the more common chronic dental health issues among adults in the U.S. For patients who experience forms of the disease, it’s also the leading cause of adult tooth loss and a significant factor in several other chronic inflammatory conditions. The good news… Read more »

Why You Should Know What P. Gingivalis Is

At any given moment, a healthy human mouth hosts over 600 identifiable kinds of oral bacteria, most of which band together to form plaque on your teeth and gums. Of these, many are benign, and some are vital to your mouth’s healthy ecosystem. Others, however, are infamously problematic for your oral health, and Porphyromonas gingivalis… Read more »