Month: March 2021

Our Infection Control Efforts Keep Periodontal Care Safe

The ongoing public concern over coronavirus is important, and we understand it may have changed your routine in several ways. What you should know is that if you need help managing periodontal disease, the right support is still available! Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice has introduced several beneficial changes in response to the coronavirus… Read more »

3 Issues That Can Make You Vulnerable To Periodontal Disease

While gingivitis is something you can prevent with good oral hygiene habits, and something that your general dentist can help you address, periodontal disease can be more difficult to manage. As an infection worsens, it can become a long-term issue, one that can lead to tooth loss as well as other unwelcome issues. Our Encinitas/San… Read more »

Will My Periodontal Disease Lead To Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss is a serious oral health problem, and it is also a real cosmetic concern. That gap in your smile can make you lose confidence in your appearance, and it can also change your bite function – and even your diet choices – in unwelcome ways. Unfortunately, tooth loss is often a problem for… Read more »

How We Keep Patients Comfortable During Periodontal Care

For someone who has anxieties about dental care, it can be hard to commit to even routine oral health services. One problem with avoiding regular oral health services is that problems can form and worsen, leading to complications that need to be addressed. Problems with periodontal disease can affect you in several worrying ways. You… Read more »

Protect Your Smile From The Effects Of Periodontal Disease

How can your oral hygiene efforts impact your appearance? Fighting teeth stains and maintaining strong, healthy enamel can have obvious benefits for your smile. You should know that periodontal care is also important for the way you look. When periodontal disease affects you, it makes you vulnerable to potentially serious issues, including tooth loss. Problems… Read more »

3 Suggestions To Help With Gum Disease Prevention

While our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is prepared to help address periodontal disease, we also want to help you avoid problems with your gums! Through smart oral hygiene habits and the right habits, you can lower your risk for an infection that leads to gingivitis, and later to trouble with periodontal disease. Brushing and… Read more »

Our Infection Control Efforts Keep Periodontal Services Safe

Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is ready to help patients who are struggling to maintain their oral health while dealing with periodontal disease. To safely remain open and continue caring for people concerned about their gum health, we made important changes to our office and our operations to keep patients safe from potential coronavirus… Read more »

What Effect Can Gum Disease Have On Your Overall Health?

Is gingivitis a mere irritation, or is it a sign of potentially serious trouble for your oral health? If you ignore an infection, you can experience problems with periodontal disease. This more advanced stage of gum disease can cause problems for your oral health and smile, and even for your general well-being! In time, your… Read more »

Enjoy A Shorter Recovery After Your Periodontal Treatment

Serious issues with periodontal disease can take their toll on your oral and general health in ways that may surprise you. Did you know that an advanced infection can make certain conditions, like diabetes, more difficult to manage? Did you know that unresolved issues with periodontal disease can make you more vulnerable to potential heart… Read more »