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A Receding Gum Line Can Be A Bigger Issue Than You Realize

If you start to notice your gum line recede, you can be dismayed at how your smile is affected. You can also begin to have issues with sensitivity, as the portions of your teeth exposed have less natural protection and are more vulnerable to discomfort. What you might not realize is that the matter may… Read more »

Learn About Our Less Invasive Approach To Gum Grafting

There are several symptoms of gum disease that can affect a person, particularly if they do not take action and address the matter promptly. One effect of an infection is visible recession of the gum line. This is a cosmetic concern, but it can also be responsible for discomfort, as the portions of teeth exposed… Read more »

You Should Be Concerned About Gum Line Recession

If you are having a hard time pointing to why your smile seems to look different, take a closer look at your gum line. Several issues can lead to the recession of these tissues. It can be a result of stress and teeth grinding, aggressive brushing, or an infection. If the problem is not caused… Read more »

We Provide A Patient-Friendly Approach To Gum Grafting

When periodontal disease takes its toll on a person’s smile, they may notice an unwelcome change to their gum line. The recession of these tissues can expose areas of teeth that are typically covered, and are more sensitive when they lack protection from your gums. This change can also have a negative impact on your… Read more »

We Can Provide An Effective Solution For Gum Recession

While gum disease is not the only factor in gum line recession, it is common for people with periodontal health troubles to see their gums recede over time. The movement of your gum line moving can hurt your confidence in your smile, as certain teeth can appear unusually long, and your smile can lose become… Read more »

Has Periodontal Disease Affected Your Gum Line? We Can Help

There are many problems that can affect you if you experience periodontal disease, some of which can have unwelcome effects on the way you look. One problem associated with an infection in your gums is the recession of your gum line. When this occurs, it can make your smile appear uneven, and it may cause… Read more »

We Offer A Patient-Friendly Way To Restore Your Gum Line

It is important to identify the negative effects gum disease can have on your periodontal tissues. When you come in for an evaluation at our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can help you identify problems, and recommend modern solutions. Sometimes, it can be appropriate to remove damaged tissues, or perform services that encourage the… Read more »

Have You Noticed A Change In Your Gum Line?

You may not realize how important your gums are to your smile until you feel that something is wrong with them. A change in your gum line can affect the quality of your appearance by making your smile appear less even, or making certain teeth appear out of place. While there is no single cause… Read more »

We Offer Patient-Friendly Gum Grafting Procedures

It can be frustrating to see the changes that receding gums can have on your smile. Your teeth may look overly long, and may even appear less healthy. Unfortunately, this recession can actually expose portions of teeth that tend to be more sensitive, and less capable of resisting the dental decay that leads to cavities…. Read more »

Addressing Your Issues With Your Receding Gum Line

After your troubles with gingivitis are treated, you can see your gums recover from several unsightly issues. Common symptoms of gingivitis include swelling of your gum tissues, reddening, and a tendency to bleed. With that said, people who struggle with periodontal infections, and periodontal disease, can find that certain problems arise that have a more… Read more »