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We Offer Patient-Friendly Gum Grafting Procedures

It can be frustrating to see the changes that receding gums can have on your smile. Your teeth may look overly long, and may even appear less healthy. Unfortunately, this recession can actually expose portions of teeth that tend to be more sensitive, and less capable of resisting the dental decay that leads to cavities…. Read more »

Addressing Your Issues With Your Receding Gum Line

After your troubles with gingivitis are treated, you can see your gums recover from several unsightly issues. Common symptoms of gingivitis include swelling of your gum tissues, reddening, and a tendency to bleed. With that said, people who struggle with periodontal infections, and periodontal disease, can find that certain problems arise that have a more… Read more »

Using Modern Treatment To Restore Receding Gums

While untreated issues with your gums can cause many worrying symptoms, the recession of your gum tissues can be one of the most visible, and one of the most frustrating. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can provide a modern approach to addressing this problem. To reduce the amount of work required to… Read more »

How Concerned Should I Be About A Receding Gum Line?

When gingivitis first becomes an issue, you may notice some worrying symptoms. Your gums may begin to bleed whenever you brush and floss, and you can start to notice swelling, or reddening, of these tissues. Periodontal sensitivity can also become a matter of concern. These problems can be managed, and your gums can be returned… Read more »

Find Out How We Can Provide Minimally Invasive Gum Grafts!

If your gums are affected by an infection, you can experience several warning signs. You might be compelled to seek treatment because your gums appear reddened or swollen, problems that can be reduced with the proper periodontal intervention. You can also experience a recession of your gum line, which can lead to frustrating new problems…. Read more »

Should You Worry About Gum Recession?

The periodontal (gum) tissue that surrounds and protects your dental ridges and teeth roots is more important than many people realize. For example, your gums help keep your teeth securely in place within your jawbone, and they help stop oral bacteria from affecting your teeth roots. When this tissue begins to recede from your teeth… Read more »

Things You Should Know if Your Gums Are Receding

As part of the foundation of your smile, your periodontal tissues and ligaments play several vital roles in your long-term oral health. There are many different signs that your periodontal health might be in trouble, and that you should take as a sign to seek treatment as soon as possible. For example, if your gums… Read more »

How Serious Is Your Gum Recession?

One of the reasons why preventable oral health issues remain prominent concerns is because people don’t always realize when their smiles are warning them of danger. For example, gum recession is a common indicator and risk factor for several potential oral health problems. Yet, many people fail to realize when their periodontal tissues are separating… Read more »

Important Facts About Gum Recession

Your gums are the soft periodontal tissues that cover your dental ridges and help protect the roots of your teeth. They also play an important role in your smile’s appearance, which is why paying close attention to them could help you detect when something is wrong with your periodontal health. For example, patients in Encinitas/San… Read more »

What are Pinhole Gum Grafts?

Have you noticed your gums receding? Do they often appear red, feel sore, or even bleed when you brush or floss? These may be the common warning signs of periodontal disease, a serious dental issue that can eventually lead to adult tooth loss. With a gum grafting procedure, we can restore receding gums and improve… Read more »