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Our Approach To Gum Graft Treatments

The unwanted effects of gum disease can be hard to ignore, particularly when they affect the way you look. For many who have periodontal problems, changes in the form of gum recession can become prominent and lead to feelings of embarrassment and unease. What you should know is that our Encinitas/San Diego, CA area periodontal… Read more »

Trouble With Receding Gums? We Can Help

Paying attention to your periodontal health is important. Without the right protection, an infection that develops can turn into a serious problem, one that can have long-term consequences. While trouble with your smile can sometimes be hard to notice on your own, there are certain changes that are more easily identified. For example, people affected… Read more »

Will Gum Disease Affect Your Smile?

How many issues can problems with your gum really cause? You can experience problems like tooth loss and threats to your general well-being when you let an infection go without the appropriate care. Another concern is that when you have a problem with your periodontal health, you can eventually experience issues that hurt the quality… Read more »

How Is Gum Recession Addressed?

Receding gum tissues can change your appearance and raise your risk for problems with poor periodontal health. This problem is often linked to gum disease, as it can be a symptom of it and because it can make healthy tissues more likely to become infected. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we are prepared… Read more »

Can Gum Disease Affect How You Look?

If you want to show off a smile that you are proud to share with the world, make sure you take care of more than just your teeth. Your periodontal health can impact how you look in surprising ways. For example, you can experience tissue recession over time when you struggle with gum disease. A… Read more »

Gum Disease And Dental Sensitivity

Heightened dental sensitivity can be a problem that frustrates you throughout your typical day. Sensitivity to temperatures and certain foods and drinks can lead to discomfort that intrudes on your life at different times. Unfortunately, when this problem is linked to the exposure of tooth structure that has less natural protection, it can also mean… Read more »

Scheduling Pinhole Gum Grafting Treatment

When you experience problems with gum line recession, you can have both cosmetic concerns and trouble with physical discomfort. Unfortunately, when periodontal tissues recede, they can reveal portions of our teeth that lack the natural protection afforded to the portions that are normally uncovered. This can lead to more vulnerability to oral health problems, and… Read more »

More Comfortable Care For Gum Line Recession

The gradual movement of your gum line can cause real concerns over both your appearance and oral health. Until you do something about this issue, it can make you unhappy with your smile, and it can cause difficulty when you are trying to manage gum disease. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can… Read more »

Arranging Pinhole Gum Grafting Treatment

There are many consequences to gum disease, including serious complications that affect your oral and general health. While not all of these issues affect your appearance, some can have a negative impact on your smile. Gum line recession is often associated with poor periodontal health. Unfortunately, even if your tissues recede due to another issue,… Read more »

When Your Gum Line Recedes

If your gum line is receding, you can find it hard to feel great about how you look when you smile. This is because a problem with your periodontal tissues can affect the way you look by making teeth seem too long, and by making your smile uneven. Unfortunately, this is not just something that… Read more »