Month: January 2014

Is Periodontal Disease a Matter of the Heart?

American Heart Month, sponsored by the American Heart Association every February, is designed to raise awareness about the prevalence of heart disease and how to lower your risk for poor heart health. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy isn’t a guaranteed way to prevent heart disease, but experts agree that it certainly reduces your risk… Read more »

How Do You Repair Damaged Gums?

The reason why prevention and early treatment are vital to your continued good oral health is because gum disease is progressive, meaning that without intervention it only grows worse as time continues. If prevention fails, then gum disease will slowly destroy the foundations of your smile (i.e., gums and jawbone) until your mouth loses its ability… Read more »

How Serious is Your Gum Disease?

If you’ve developed gum disease, the severity of your condition depends on how long the disease has been neglected. The earlier it’s detected and treated, the less damage gum disease will be allowed to wreak on your soft gingival tissues, making timing one of the most significant factors in effective periodontal treatment. Gauging how serious… Read more »