Month: June 2015

How Dental Technology Can Work for You

Think for a moment about a toothbrush. There was a time when toothbrushes all looked alike, and you chose hard, medium and soft, and began brushing. Toothbrushes have come a long way, with improved head shapes and bristle placement and handle angles along with electric toothbrushes, sonic brushes and water flossers to choose from. Toothbrush… Read more »

Why Teeth and Tobacco Don’t Mix

You are probably aware that sugar is bad for your teeth, but did you know there are other health habits that are just as hard on your teeth? Going to bed without brushing, or not flossing daily are habits that may stress your teeth and gums. Tooth grinding and nail biting also fall into the “not… Read more »

Answers to Questions About Dental Sedation

With the right care and maintenance, and under just the right circumstances, you may never need extensive dental care, or the expertise of a specialist. If you do, however, then there may be a chance that dental sedation can help ease your anxiety and make your treatment more comfortable. If you are faced with extensive… Read more »

Are you Happy with your Smile?

June is National Smile Month. This is kind of like Christmas for dentists. Since we are in the business of preventing, restoring, and cosmetically altering smiles, we have a vested interest in the grin of every one of our patients. Most people think that smiling is an involuntary response to feeling happy. However, if you… Read more »