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How Periodontal Disease Causes Cosmetic Problems

What do you need to do to make sure your smile stays attractive? Preventing tooth decay is important, and so is avoiding dental injuries and enamel stains. With that said, you should also pay attention to your periodontal health if you want to remain confident in the way you look. One symptom of poor periodontal… Read more »

3 Choices That Make You Vulnerable To Periodontal Disease

If you want to protect yourself against potentially serious oral health issues, you should take care to keep your gums safe from infection. As important as it is to avoid the formation of cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease can lead to notable long-term consequences. One of those consequences is tooth loss – complications from infection… Read more »

What Can I Do To Make Gum Disease Prevention Easier?

When you brush and floss, do you take time to examine your gums and look for any signs of gingivitis? Is your oral hygiene routine keeping bacteria from gathering at the base of teeth to stop infections from occurring? You maintain your first line of defense against periodontal problems on a daily basis by fighting… Read more »

What Can I Do To Avoid Complications From Gingivitis?

If you have problems with gingivitis, you should be concerned enough to take action and address the matter. Focusing on good oral hygiene and keeping up with routine dental checkups can help you stop a problem before it worsens and turns into a matter for a periodontist. It should be noted that when an infection… Read more »

Perio Protect Offers More Protection Against Gum Disease

What does your approach to fighting gum disease consist of currently? With a thorough brushing and flossing routine, you can fight the buildup of bacteria that threaten to cause gingivitis. Keeping up with good oral hygiene, scheduling regular dental visits, and looking for symptoms of infection can help you avoid a problem where an infection… Read more »

How Digital Images Help Us Identify Periodontal Problems

There are certain symptoms of gingivitis that a person can identify on their own. For example, you may start to worry about your periodontal health because your gums frequently bleed whenever you clean your smile, or because your tissues look swollen or discolored. What you should know is that knowing the severity of the infection… Read more »

A Good Flossing Routine Can Protect Your Periodontal Health

There are actions that you can – and should – take to protect yourself against periodontal disease. If you already have symptoms of an infection, you can schedule an evaluation at our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice to see how serious the problem might be, and what can be done. To avoid a situation where… Read more »

Protect Your Gums By Dropping A Smoking Habit

While it can be difficult to let go of a smoking habit, doing so provides important benefits to your well-being. People who smoke can actually have a harder time avoiding problems with periodontal disease. What this means is that cigarettes (or any other tobacco product) make you vulnerable to a problem that can interfere with… Read more »

Tips For Improving Your Daily Efforts To Fight Gum Disease

What are you currently doing to make sure you stay safe from gum disease? In addition to protecting you from cavities, your oral hygiene routine can make sure that you stay safe from an infection that leads to gingivitis, and eventually to problems with periodontal disease. Of course, to be truly effective, you need to… Read more »

How Alarmed Should I Be When I Have Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

When you start to notice symptoms of gingivitis, how alarmed should you be? In its early stages, an infection can be effectively resolved through smart oral hygiene, or through preventive periodontal care. This can be reassuring to know, but you should be aware of what can happen if gingivitis is not addressed in time. People… Read more »