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Dental Anxiety And Periodontal Services

What stands between patients and important oral health treatments? In some cases, anxiety proves to be a difficult barrier to cross. Those who feel uneasy about the idea of dental work can put off or completely avoid treatment even when they are aware that something is wrong. For patients affected by periodontal disease, this can… Read more »

Using Sedation During Periodontal Services

How comfortable do you feel when you are in the dentist’s chair? While many people have no problem with a routine visit, they may be less eager to go in for treatment to address a problem. For some individuals, even a regular preventive appointment can be stressful. Dental anxiety is a real issue, one that… Read more »

How We Keep Patients Comfortable During Periodontal Care

For someone who has anxieties about dental care, it can be hard to commit to even routine oral health services. One problem with avoiding regular oral health services is that problems can form and worsen, leading to complications that need to be addressed. Problems with periodontal disease can affect you in several worrying ways. You… Read more »

Sedation Can Make Periodontal Care More Comfortable

For some people, anxiety about oral health care can make important treatments harder to schedule. This can lead to serious trouble, as an active dental or periodontal problem can grow worse before they go in for treatment, leading to new complications. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice understands that anxiety is a real issue for… Read more »

Using Dental Sedation To Make Periodontal Treatments Easier

Untreated problems that impact your periodontal health can lead to serious consequences, including issues with serious tooth loss! With this in mind, it can be easy to see why many people are eager to arrange treatment to manage their periodontal disease. Unfortunately, some people can face struggles with dental anxiety, causing them to avoid beneficial… Read more »

We Can Make Your Periodontal Treatment More Comfortable

One reason people find themselves dealing with dental and periodontal problems, including advanced periodontal disease, is that discomfort keeps them away from proper treatment. Without regular dental exams and cleanings, oral bacteria can gather at your gum line, and create problems that become difficult to address. At our Encinitias/San Diego, CA dentist’s office, we can… Read more »

When Is Sedation a Good Option?

Sedation has long been a part of professional oral health care, most notably for helping patients with severe dental anxiety and phobia overcome their fears. However, many patients in Encinitas/San Diego who don’t fear oral health treatment also benefit greatly from the comfort and relaxation that sedation helps them achieve. For example, when complex treatment… Read more »

Will Sedation Help Me Relax?

We often encounter people with serious dental anxiety, who have avoided dental care out of nervousness or fear. Unfortunately, avoiding dental care can mean the onset of poor oral health. In order to help anxious patients remain calm and receive the care they need, we may suggest sedation to help them relax.

What Are Your Dental Sedation Options?

We want all of our patients to enjoy a comfortable experience when they receive treatment from us. To help ensure this, we often provide sedation dentistry as a way to calm nervous patients and address dental anxiety. What are your dental sedation options? Does everyone benefit from a calming solution?

Oral or Inhaled Sedation?

Prior to an oral surgery procedure, or if a patient receiving treatment suffers from dental anxiety, the doctor may recommend a sedative. Dental sedation helps patients enter a calm and relaxed state. We offer multiple options for calming a patient. Do you need oral or inhaled sedation?