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How Tobacco Products Harm Gum Health

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Do you smoke or vape? Do you use smokeless tobacco products? In addition to stained teeth and bad breath, these products could lead to cancer and the risk of advanced gum disease. Which is why your Encinitas/San Diego, CA, periodontist recommends quitting right away!

Can Tobacco Use Affect Your Gums?

You need to look beyond brushing and flossing if you want to examine all of your habits that can affect your oral health. Other daily behaviors, such as tobacco use, also influence your risk for dental and periodontal problems. While you may recognize that this habit is a potential threat to your general health, and… Read more »

Protect Your Gums By Dropping A Smoking Habit

While it can be difficult to let go of a smoking habit, doing so provides important benefits to your well-being. People who smoke can actually have a harder time avoiding problems with periodontal disease. What this means is that cigarettes (or any other tobacco product) make you vulnerable to a problem that can interfere with… Read more »

Things that Should Motivate You to Stop Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking tobacco products is one of the most dangerous things you could expose your body to. It can contribute to a wide variety of cancers, and can lead to destructive periodontal disease that destroys your periodontal and oral structures. Despite that knowledge, many people still find it extremely difficult to quit,… Read more »

Does Smoking Really Cause Gum Disease?

There are many factors that can increase your risks of gum disease, but if you smoke or chew tobacco, then that may be one of the most significant ones. It’s no myth that smoking can cause gum disease: according to numerous studies, people who use tobacco are often several times more likely to develop than… Read more »

Why You Should Quit Smoking if You Want Dental Implants

For replacing lost or extracted teeth, dental implants are typically the most comprehensive option. Dental implant posts replace your lost teeth roots, and therefore have a profoundly positive impact on your long-term jawbone, periodontal, and oral health. However, if you indulge in smoking, then your eligibility for dental implant placement can be at risk. In… Read more »

The Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health

Government regulation has forced the manufacturers of tobacco products to post warnings in conspicuous locations on their packages. However, not everyone who smokes is aware of the significant dangers that the habit poses to their oral health. To raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, we explore some of the more troublesome facts about how… Read more »

Tobacco Products And Oral Health: A Quiz

Patients who smoke or use other smokeless forms of tobacco may feel conflicted when it comes to quitting. While you may recognize that smoking cessation offers many benefits to your life and those around you, it certainly does not mean you have all the motivation you need to make that change (or all of the… Read more »

Why Teeth and Tobacco Don’t Mix

You are probably aware that sugar is bad for your teeth, but did you know there are other health habits that are just as hard on your teeth? Going to bed without brushing, or not flossing daily are habits that may stress your teeth and gums. Tooth grinding and nail biting also fall into the “not… Read more »

Smokeless Tobacco—A Dangerous Alternative to Smoking

Although tobacco companies are required to place warning labels on their products, they are not required to provide a full list of the products’ ingredients on each package. Therefore, even people who are aware that tobacco use can be dangerous may not realize to what extent until they are faced with the consequences. Unfortunately, lack… Read more »