Month: September 2016

Who Makes A Good Implant Candidate?

Losing one or more teeth can not only be a hit to your appearance, but can also lead to a number of serious oral health complications, from misalignment to an older appearance due to facial collapse. To avoid these complications, we may recommend receiving a dental implant. Who makes a good candidate for dental implants?… Read more »

What Do You Know About Pinhole Gum Grafts?

When you develop gum disease, both the health and appearance of your smile suffers. In addition, the disease has been linked to other illness and can even increase the likelihood of a patient losing one or more permanent teeth. Fortunately, we offer a number of treatments to manage the disease and protect the stability of… Read more »

The Link Between Oral Health And The Microbiome

Your smile and your stomach are linked in a number of surprising ways. In the human gut are over 600 types of microbial communities, known as the microbiome. These microbiomes can have a major impact on a person’s susceptibility to certain diseases. Your oral flora is connected to these and as a result, the health… Read more »