Laser Periodontal Treatment with WaterLase

In addition to the LANAP PerioLase procedure that has benefited many of our patients, we also offer REPAIR laser treatment with the help of the advanced Erbium (Erbium, Chromium: Yttrium-Scandium-Gallium-Garnet) WaterLase laser. When performing soft-tissue periodontal surgery procedures, the use of advanced laser technology promotes a wide range of benefits, including enhanced comfort during the procedure and more precise results from periodontal treatment. As one of very few offices to provide a choice in laser-assisted treatment, we can suggest LANAP or REPAIR, depending on each patient’s specific needs and preferences.

The Benefits of Different Laser Treatment Options

The use of laser technology has proven invaluable in the treatment and management of periodontal disease for years, and countless patients have benefited from the results. By offering a choice in laser-assisted protocols, we can further customize every patient’s periodontal treatment to ensure optimal results and satisfaction. Compared to traditional surgical methods involving the use of a scalpel, laser-assisted periodontal treatment offers:

  • Greater precision to reduce trauma to nearby tissues
  • Faster and more comfortable healing, with a reduced risk of infection
  • Greater elimination of harmful oral bacteria to control the disease more effectively
  • Tailored treatment designed specifically for your needs and preferences
  • And more

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Learn if Laser Treatment Is Right for You

REPAIR laser treatment is an advanced part of the expert periodontal treatment we provide at our office, and offers enhanced results when treating periodontal disease of varying stages. To find out if treatment with the Erbium WaterLase laser is right for you,  schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania and our team by calling our periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.