Month: October 2017

How Does Gum Disease Affect Your Facial Appearance?

When allowed to progress far enough, periodontal disease can destroy enough of your oral tissues to cost you one or more teeth. Although tooth loss can be a devastating result of the disease, it is not the end of your dental troubles. Even if you treat the disease that cost you one or more teeth,… Read more »

A Closer Look at Why Dental Implants Are So Successful

In the quest to replace missing teeth, you have several options. If you’ve only lost one or two adjacent teeth, then a bridge may be most appropriate. For more severe or total tooth loss, a partial or complete denture may serve you better. In most cases, however, the addition of dental implants can help your… Read more »

How Oral Bacteria Destroy More than Teeth and Gums

Right now, there are about 10-15 billion bacteria in your mouth, classified into over 600 different identifiable strains. Many types of bacteria are essential to maintaining your body’s delicate ecological balance, and many of the microbes in your mouth do exactly that. Some, however, are dangerous, and can become severely detrimental to your teeth, gums,… Read more »