Month: November 2020

Can My Periodontist Restore My Receding Gum Line?

Several unwelcome developments can occur after you develop a problem with periodontal disease. One of those issues is gum line recession, a change in the position of your gums that can hurt your smile and lead to difficult issues with dental sensitivity. In addition to helping you control or prevent problems with periodontal disease, our… Read more »

The Relationship Between Periodontal Health And Diabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, a time to look at both how people can prevent this disease, and how those who have it can make sure it is effectively managed. Both Type I and Type II Diabetes interfere with your ability to process sugar and use it for fuel. One thing you might not be… Read more »

What We Do To Make Our Office Environment Safe For Patients

As we all continue to take precautions against the coronavirus, it is important to know what steps are being taken to make environments safe. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we have always been committed to sustaining safe and sterile treatment environments so that we can safely care for our patients. In response to… Read more »

Avoid Periodontal Disease By Scheduling A Deep Cleaning

In the course of your daily oral hygiene routine, you should thoroughly clean your teeth at your gum line. By doing so, you fight the accumulated bacteria that put you at risk for developing gingivitis. When plaque and tartar deposits form at the base of our teeth, we become susceptible to infection when bacteria start… Read more »

Periodontal Disease Makes You Vulnerable To Tooth Loss

If a problem with gum disease is not caught and treated in time, the initial infection can worsen and become more difficult to treat properly. There are several consequences to the continued growth and spread of periodontal bacteria that should concern you, but one problem in particular to worry about is tooth loss! Complications from… Read more »

What Role Do Lasers Play In Fighting Periodontal Disease?

If your problems with gum disease have grown serious, it may be hard for you to fully protect yourself against the consequences of your infection. In time, the bacteria that have gathered below your gums will begin to destroy the tissues that are holding your teeth in place. They can also create problems for your… Read more »

The Benefits Of Managing Problems With Gum Disease

If you fail to recognize the threat that gum disease poses, you can fail to see the value in seeing a periodontist about your infection. When gingivitis is not addressed in time and a person develops periodontal disease, they become vulnerable to tooth loss, they can see their smile change because of gum line recession,… Read more »

What We Do To Make Your Periodontal Care More Comfortable

A person who has anxieties around dental care may be reluctant to see someone for treatment even when they think something might be wrong. As a result, the window for the early detection and treatment of something like gum disease can close, leaving them with a more advanced problem that requires the care of a… Read more »