How Patients Benefit From Precise Laser-Based Treatments

When you have a serious problem with gum disease, the right treatment can protect you against some serious issues. Unchecked periodontal problems might lead to difficulty preventing tooth loss, and it can make your overall health harder to keep under control! Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice provides modern solutions for people who are trying to fight the effects of periodontal disease. To help take care of infected gum tissues, we can perform a LANAP procedure, which uses lasers to provide a more accurate treatment of your condition. In addition to a more precise removal of unhealthy tissues, lasers encourage faster healing, so your recovery time is shortened!

Using LANAP To Address Your Periodontal Disease

Your LANAP treatment is intended to help you take care of tissues that are damaged by periodontitis, or advanced gum disease. Carefully removing infected tissues can halt your condition’s spread, and allow healthy tissues to take the place of what has been removed. Because your periodontist is using laser-based treatment, areas of interest can be targeted with more precision, meaning areas of healthy gums are kept in better shape. Lasers also limit bleeding, and encourage faster healing.

Making Sure Your Periodontal Needs Are Being Addressed

Our practice can review the condition of your gums using advanced diagnostic tools, to make sure your condition is fully understood. With this information, the ideal treatment for your needs can be arranged. We offer several services, including LANAP. We can help you fight bacteria with ozone therapy, and restore your healthy gums with platelet rich plasma therapy. We can even provide tips on better periodontal hygiene, and offer an extra line of defense against gum disease by supplying you with Perio Protect.

What Can Happen If My Gum Disease Is Not Being Managed?

There are serious concerns associated with untreated periodontal problems. Your risk for losing teeth can be affected by the condition of your gums. If periodontal disease becomes an issue for you, the tissues that support your teeth are in danger of being seriously damaged. People who suffer from this condition can find themselves needing a tooth extraction, or losing teeth! Potentially serious conditions, like heart disease, have been linked to gum disease, so the problem can certainly extend further than your smile!

Dr. Kania Can Use Lasers To Provide Advanced Periodontal Care

Dr. Kania is proud to make modern periodontal services available to people in the greater Encinitas/San Diego, CA area. If you are already fighting an infection, laser-based treatment can carefully and safely remove infected tissues. You can also look forward to modern services that encourage healthy tissue growth, and fight infections. If you are ready to set up your appointment with Dr. Kania, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.