Using PRP Therapy To Restore Your Healthy Gums

While steps can be taken to prevent gum disease, and to eliminate concerns about gingivitis, periodontal disease can have a more serious effect on a person’s life. When advanced periodontal trouble affects you, the problem can result in damage to your periodontal tissues, and to the tissues that are responsible for supporting your teeth. In addition to removing damaged gum tissues through modern treatment, your Encinitias/San Diego, CA periodontist can provide platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, to help restore healthy gum tissues. This treatment can help you manage the health of your gums, and protect you against the effects of an unchecked infection.

Periodontal Disease Can Do Serious Harm To Your Gums

Without proper treatment, periodontal disease can seriously impact your well-being. The problem is difficult to manage, and in addition to hurting your smile, it can also affect your general health. Because the effects of this problem are serious, it is important that you seek help to manage it. Through modern care, it is possible to halt the worsening effects of a person’s condition, to fight the bacteria in your gums, and even to restore healthy tissues.

Restoring Healthy Tissues With PRP Therapy

PRP therapy uses platelets that naturally stimulate the growth of healthy tissues in order to encourage the regrowth of your periodontal tissues when you are experiencing the effects of periodontal disease. Just as the removal of damaged and infected tissues can help control your condition, stimulating new growth of healthy tissues can be important in managing your periodontal problems. In addition to using platelet rich plasma treatments to help you, our practice can offer platelet rich fibrin therapy to stimulate growth in concentrated areas. This can be performed to help rebuild a person’s jawbone when they have a dental implant placed to address tooth loss that has already occurred.

We Offer Modern Solutions To Difficult Periodontal Problems

We are ready to help you fight the progression of gum disease, and maintain better health! Perio Protect can be given to patients in order to help them fight harmful microbes at home, and we can arrange ozone therapy to kill bacteria in your periodontal tissues at our practice. In order to remove infected tissues more comfortably, we provide laser-based tissue removal. This process can lead to faster healing, and less bleeding, while also providing more accuracy.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Scheduling PRP Therapy!

With PRP therapy, we can help you recover healthy gum tissues, and protect you against worsening periodontal problems. This is one of many modern services that we can offer to individuals who are trying to fight the damage done by periodontal disease. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kania, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.