Perio Protect And Your Hygiene Routine

Does your current oral hygiene routine protect you against all of the threats to your smile? Oral bacteria that gather over time can accumulate at the base of your teeth and make you vulnerable to the onset of gingivitis, which can then turn into a problem with more advanced gum disease. There are in-office services provided at our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice that can help you even when this problem becomes more advanced. We can also help you take better care of your gums at home by providing Perio Protect, a personalized treatment that directly deals with the bacteria that affect the tissues that support our teeth. In addition to protecting your smile, the right care for your gums can have important benefits for your general health by stopping the potential spread of harmful microbes.

Should Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine Do More To Defend Your Gums?

Your daily hygiene practices should include thorough brushing and flossing efforts if you want to effectively protect yourself against oral health threats. The lapses in smile care that let bacteria and food particles accumulate can lead to problems with plaque and eventually tartar. Those deposits can create issues for your periodontal health when they accumulate at the base of teeth. Unfortunately, those health issues can become serious in time, which is why people find themselves in need of care from a specialist. As part of how we can help our patients, we can provide Perio Protect, an additional step in the smile care routine that offers direct support for fighting bacteria on the roots of teeth that affect your gums.

Using Perio Protect On A Daily Basis

As part of your daily smile care routine, Perio Protect lets you take action against the bacteria that build up on your gums. The treatment relies on antimicrobial agents and custom trays that help people apply those agents directly to their gums. When this occurs on a consistent basis, you can fight the harmful bacteria that make trouble for your health and avoid the potentially serious threats that an infection poses to your smile and general well-being!

Receiving Expert Guidance Regarding Your Periodontal Health

If you have questions or concerns about the health of your gums, you can count on our practice to provide important support. Starting with a diagnostic review to assess just how serious your infection is, we can discuss what treatment options are right for you. The support we provide ranges from preventive in-office services to more involved treatments. Thanks to laser technology, those advanced services can offer surprising degrees of comfort and precision, making the patient experience better.

Talk To Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA Area Periodontist About Perio Protect!

Through the start of treatment with Perio Protect, you can more effectively fight the bacteria that are responsible for your issues with gum disease! If you would like to find out more, please call Dr. Kania’s office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.