How Lasers Fit Into Periodontal Treatment

What will it take to help protect you against the harm that periodontal bacteria cause over time? When an infection grows serious, the impact on your gums can be significant. Troubles with tooth loss as well as your general health can both be traced back to periodontal problems. Fortunately, there are different services that can help, including services that use advanced tools and technology. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can offer treatments with lasers to take on problems with advanced gum disease. Thanks to these tools, the care we provide can be remarkably precise, and it can limit tissue damage while also providing more comfortable treatment.

Taking Periodontal Disease And Its Effects Seriously

When you have problems with periodontal disease, it can be difficult to manage matters on your own. If you try to go without the right help, there are several issues that can ultimately affect you. One concern is that worsening problems with tissue damage will result in tooth loss. Another is that bacteria on the roots of your teeth can create problems elsewhere after entering your bloodstream. When these and other problems occur, they can affect you in alarming ways. Fortunately, trouble with an infection can be managed with the right treatment approach. One of those approaches calls for the direct removal of bacteria and infected tissues, which we can make easier with laser technology.

How Lasers Are Used To Address Ongoing Issues With Gum Disease

By using laser technology to address problems with unhealthy gum tissues, we can resolve problems with your health and appearance while making your treatment experience easier. Your periodontist will carefully reveal your roots so that bacteria can be cleared away. In addition to this, infected tissues can be removed, which stimulates healthy growth.

Because lasers are more precise and limit bleeding, you can have positive results with a more conservative overall approach. Lasers remove the need for suturing, and they can offer a shorter and easier recovery. These benefits lead to an overall better experience during and after your procedure!

Other Services That Help Take On Periodontal Problems

There are different concerns that can arise when a person struggles with periodontal problems. Fortunately, there are also different treatment approaches that take on these problems. For people who have issues with tissue damage, we can stimulate natural recovery through the use of PRP therapy. Ozone therapy makes use of concentrated oxygen to fight the unwelcome bacteria on your roots while leaving healthy microbes unaffected.

Talk To Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA Periodontist About Laser Care For Your Gums

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