Effective Care For Receding Gums

If you have a history of trouble with periodontal disease, one lingering problem you have can be with receding tissues. When your gums recede, portions of teeth that are naturally more sensitive are exposed, which means you can experience discomfort when these surfaces are exposed to heat or cold, or even when you enjoy something that contains more sugar. This is also a problem for your smile, and even one that can make future periodontal problems more difficult to avoid! Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help you if this is a problem that needs to be managed. Through the use of laser treatment, we can actually provide you with a more comfortable and conservative gum graft, one that removes the need for suturing!

Has Trouble With Your Periodontal Health Led To Receding Gum Tissues?

Poor periodontal health can have different effects on your appearance and oral health. As problems worsen, you can experience recession that exposes portions of your teeth that are normally covered. This can hurt the quality of your smile, and it can also make matters more difficult for you by causing issues with dental sensitivity. You can even have a more difficult time preventing future problems with infections! The good news is that this is a treatable problem. Through the use of the Pinhole Surgical Technique, we can actually provide a gum graft that does not require sutures to help with recovery.

We Use Laser Tools To Take On Problems With Receding Gums

By using laser tools to perform patients’ gum grafts, we can make this service more comfortable and conservative. The Pinhole Surgical Technique lets us manipulate tissues after making a select number of pin-sized holes. This process means that we do not have to suture gums into spaces where they used to provide coverage, making the overall treatment more comfortable and less involved. In addition to being more comfortable during treatment, this means you can have a shorter and easier recovery!

What Else Can Your Periodontist Do To Help You Manage Your Gum Disease?

A thorough diagnostic review of your periodontal health can yield important information about your condition, as well as about the kinds of services that might be right for you. In addition to using lasers during grafting procedures, we can use them to take on problems with active periodontal disease. We also have options for more holistic treatments and preventive care.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Treatment To Manage Periodontal Problems!

Through the use of laser tools, we can provide a comfortable and conservative gum grafting procedure. In doing so, we can help you resolve cosmetic and oral health issues connected to the unwanted movement of tissues. If you would like to find out more about how we can take on problems with your well-being, please call Dr. Kania’s office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.