Quiz: Who Qualifies for Dental Implants?


When you lose even a single tooth, the health and stability of your smile becomes threatened. Replacing a lost tooth as soon as possible can help preserve your appearance and overall health. For many people, dental implants offer an ideal replacement option.


How Teeth Feast on Thanksgiving

teeth and thanksgivingMany people worry about how the holiday feasts will affect their weight and clothes sizes. However, do you worry about how the dietary overindulgence will affect your dental health? The consequences of irresponsible eating might not be as obvious in your teeth as it can be in your midsection, but they can still be a serious concern. The good news is that, with a little care in how you feast this Thanksgiving, you can actually help your teeth remain healthy, rather than placing them at risk. (more…)

Does Drinking Green Tea Promote a Healthier Smile?

green teaOf all the things you could do to help boost your oral health, you might not realize that drinking green tea could be one of them. In fact, the many health benefits of green tea have long been touted, even before they were fully and scientifically understood. In the case of your teeth and gums, experts have found that because of the substances it contains, green tea can help promote a healthier smile by combating the mechanisms behind most oral health issues, including periodontal disease. (more…)

3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are a Better Choice

pondering why dental implants are betterWhen you’ve lost a tooth, or several teeth, your smile loses a vital part of its anatomy. While there are many options for replacing lost teeth, dental implants are the only choice that addresses the loss on a biological level. As a periodontist/Doctor of Medical Sciences, with world-class training from UCSF and Harvard, one of Dr. Ann Kania’s specialties is preserving patients’ oral structures through the placement of dental implants. Made from biologically compatible titanium, the reason why dental implants are typically a better choice for tooth replacement is because they become a permanent part of your jawbone’s anatomy, much like your natural teeth roots. (more…)

Answers About Tooth Loss and Dental Implants

older woman with questionsLosing teeth is a problem that many people face, or will face, and that has longer-lasting consequences than you might realize. In addition to the visual effects, tooth loss leaves a void in your oral structures that influences how the rest of your teeth work. However, since these effects can take years before they become apparent, we help you understand them now so you can take steps to preserve your smile, either by preventing tooth loss, or by replacing lost teeth with one or more dental implants.   (more…)

Are Toothaches a Symptom of Periodontal Disease?

woman in a sweater with a toothacheSeveral things can warn you of impending periodontal disease. If your gums are red or swollen, or appear darker in some areas than normal, you might have cause to worry. The more periodontal disease progresses, the more symptoms you’ll exhibit, and in time, it may even cause your teeth to ache (even though it doesn’t directly affect your tooth structure). Unlike a cavity, however, which might exhibit tooth sensitivity as one its earliest symptoms, toothaches related to periodontal disease typically mean that the condition has advanced beyond its initial stages. (more…)

Questions About Laser Periodontal Therapy

laser drawn question markAs a periodontal expert, Dr. Kania’s goal is more than just treating your periodontal issues, but doing so in a way that offers the most comprehensive solutions, with minimal discomfort and inconvenience to you. When it comes to treating mild, moderate, or severe periodontal disease, conservative treatment may involve the use of a soft-tissue laser rather than more traditional, and often more invasive, treatment methods. Through laser periodontal therapy, your San Diego periodontist can help restore your oral health with more precision, increased comfort, and a much higher chance of long-term success. (more…)

Make Good Hygiene More Effective

girl with two toothbrushesGood hygiene is one of the earliest skills we learn, besides eating. It’s also one of most-consistently important routines we engage in. Yet, the tenets of continuing good hygiene aren’t always fully understood, and you might not realize that what you do throughout the rest of the day could negate the care you give your teeth and gums at the sink. With a little extra care in your daily routines, however, you can help make your good hygiene practices more effective, with longer-lasting benefits. (more…)

Is Bad Breath Trying to Tell You Something?

man annoyed by bad breathBad breath can say a lot, and usually, its message isn’t a good one. To eliminate bad breath and the embarrassment that can go with it, you have to understand what’s causing it and address the problem at its root. For some patients, that might mean simply improving their hygiene practices, while for others, it might require more involved professional treatment.

How Breath Goes Bad


The most common reason for chronic bad breath is poor hygiene. More specifically, the bacteria that accumulate in your mouth when you don’t brush and floss your teeth well enough. Some these germs, particularly the ones that like to gather on your tongue, release sulfur gases that can overwhelm your mouth and breath. (more…)