Addressing Advanced Periodontal Trouble With Lasers

Periodontal problems can carry big consequences for your smile and well-being, which is why their proper management is important. Are you looking for someone to help you deal with periodontal disease? Timely treatment can help you control this infection, which can make other health conditions like diabetes harder to manage, and raises your risk for losing teeth. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice uses several treatment approaches to support patients who need help managing their gum health. One approach we can take is to use lasers to fight bacteria and remove unhealthy tissues to encourage healthy growth. Both our LANAP laser and the REPAIR WaterLase laser make treatments more comfortable than periodontal care performed with manual tools, and they make recovery easier for patients!

How Can Poor Periodontal Health Affect You?

Poor periodontal health can have significant impact on your well-being in time. The first stage of infection, gingivitis, can be addressed before there are potential long-term issues to manage. Problems with gums that bleed easily, swelling, persistent bad breath, and other concerns serve as signs of poor periodontal health at this point. Through a preventive treatment like scaling and root planing, bacteria can be removed from below the gum line before the infection progresses. However, if your infection has already passed the stage of gingivitis, you will have to worry about long-term difficulties. Periodontal disease can make some health issues harder to manage, and may raise your risk for heart troubles. Bacteria destroying the tissues surrounding your teeth will make you vulnerable to tooth loss over time, too.

Using Lasers To Treat Patients With Advanced Gum Disease

By using lasers instead of manual tools to work on your gum line, Dr. Kania can shorten your recovery time, preserve more of your healthy gum tissues, and clear away unwelcome bacteria. In addition to fighting the bacteria that are spreading on the roots of your teeth and damaging tissues, treatment will remove infected tissues. After this occurs, your body will begin to heal, replacing those infected tissues with healthy gums.

Other Advanced Services Offered At Our Office

Laser treatment can offer important benefits to patients with periodontal disease. With that said, this is just one of several approaches we can take to help you! We also offer ozone therapy, a treatment where concentrated oxygen is used to fight harmful bacteria. We can encourage tissue recovery through PRP therapy, which helps healthy gums grow. Thanks to the diagnostic technology in our office, we can carefully study your periodontal health to see how an infection has affected you and determine the right treatment approach.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Laser Treatment For Periodontal Disease

Our periodontal practice is ready to help you fight periodontal problems! Through laser treatments, we can fight bacteria and encourage healthy growth while preserving more of your healthy tissues. To learn more about this and other approaches we take to fighting periodontal disease, call Dr. Kania’s office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.