Seeking A Second Opinion About Your Periodontal Health

We all want to hear nothing but positive feedback during a dental exam. Unfortunately, sometimes the dentist is obligated to deliver bad news. If you have received warnings about your periodontal health, you can be understandably worried. If gum disease is not caught and treated in time, the condition can worsen, and that can lead to long-term consequences that affect your oral and overall health in upsetting ways! You can bring your concerns about your periodontal health to our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice. By providing a diagnostic review of your gums, we can determine how serious an infection is, and what your treatment options are. If your infection has already progressed and you need help managing periodontal disease, we can recommend more advanced services to help.

Has Feedback From Your General Dentist Made You Concerned About Your Gums?

While gingivitis can be addressed through scaling and root planing, periodontal disease is more difficult to control. Many people experience some problems with gingivitis, the first stage of infection, during their life. However, if your dentist warns you about a more serious infection, you may need to seek treatment from a specialist to learn how the matter can be managed. If it is not treated properly, periodontal disease can interfere with your management of other health conditions, like diabetes, it can increase your risk for heart disease, and it can lead to problems with tooth loss!

Arranging A Diagnostic Review Of Your Periodontal Health

We use imaging technology to closely assess patients’ periodontal health so that we can determine how serious an infection is, and what treatment options can help. We may find that the problem can still be reversed through preventive periodontal care. However, if we find signs of periodontal disease, our approach can change. In addition to offering Supportive Periodontal Maintenance to control an infection, we can discuss more involved services, including laser periodontal treatment, to care for you.

What We Can Do To Help You Deal With Periodontal Disease

For patients with periodontal disease, we can recommend different services with important benefits. We can recommend more holistic procedures, like PRP therapy, which uses platelet-rich plasma to naturally encourage the growth of healthy gum tissues. We can also suggest ozone therapy, which relies on oxygen to destroy harmful bacteria while leaving healthy microbes alone. For those who have already suffered tooth loss because of periodontal disease, we can begin plans to restore your smile through implant dentistry.

Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Kania To Discuss Your Periodontal Health

Our periodontal practice is ready to provide a second opinion and different treatment options if your general dentist has concerns about your periodontal health. To find out more, call Dr. Kania’s office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.