Can My Periodontist Restore My Receding Gum Line?

Several unwelcome developments can occur after you develop a problem with periodontal disease. One of those issues is gum line recession, a change in the position of your gums that can hurt your smile and lead to difficult issues with dental sensitivity. In addition to helping you control or prevent problems with periodontal disease, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can provide a service to restore your gum line. Because we rely on the Pinhole Surgical Technique for gum grafting, we can provide care while limiting the work done to your tissues. This means you can see results sooner, and enjoy a faster and easier recovery!

Gum Line Recession Is One Of Several Problems Linked To Periodontal Disease

Several symptoms of gum disease can alert you to problems with gingivitis. Issues like chronic bad breath, gums that bleed easily, and the swelling or discoloration of your periodontal tissues can communicate that you have a potential issue with infection. Another issue to watch out for is gum line recession. As these tissues recede, they can make your smile look awkward and make teeth appear longer. This change also exposes areas of teeth that are naturally more sensitive, which can lead to more discomfort when eating hot or cold foods, as well as products that are higher in sugar.

We Can Restore Your Gum Line With A Minimally Invasive Treatment

A pinhole gum grafting procedure can improve your appearance and periodontal health with work that is less involved than a traditional treatment. Through a series of carefully-placed pin-sized holes, your tissues can be manipulated to effectively restore your gum line and resolve problems that recession has created. This approach will not require sutures or surgical cuts, and it can lead to faster cosmetic improvements as well as a more comfortable recovery experience.

Other Services That Fight The Effects Of Periodontitis

Advanced gum disease can cause tooth loss and raise your risk for other health issues when it is not being properly managed. In addition to helping you recover your gum line, your periodontist can provide support through services that fight bacteria and tend to tissue damage. Laser periodontal services clear away bacteria and remove infected portions of your gums so that you can grow back healthy tissues. We also offer services like PRP therapy, which helps to stimulate natural growth in areas affected by periodontal disease.

Discuss Gum Grafting At Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA Periodontal Practice

With the right services, you can restore your gum line and improve your periodontal health while minimizing the amount of work needed to produce meaningful improvements. If you wish to find out more about our services, call Dr. Kania’s periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.