Tobacco Products And Oral Health: A Quiz

womancigarettebreakingPatients who smoke or use other smokeless forms of tobacco may feel conflicted when it comes to quitting. While you may recognize that smoking cessation offers many benefits to your life and those around you, it certainly does not mean you have all the motivation you need to make that change (or all of the information or help). For instance, do you know whether tobacco affects your oral health? Do you know who you can turn to if you need some assistance with quitting? We encourage you to test your knowledge as an excellent starting point.

Tobacco Quiz: True or False?

  1. True or False: As long as you don’t smoke cigarettes, other tobacco products are typically safe.
  2. True or False: Smoking and tobacco use in general can cause lung cancer but your oral health is not at risk.
  3. True or False: We can help you quit your use of tobacco products, whether you are committed but struggling or if you are not sure where to begin.

Dental Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. All tobacco products pose a significant threat to your health, which means that while smoking cessation is very important, your best approach to comprehensive health protection is to cut out all forms of tobacco.
  2. False. Tobacco products may result in a long list of health problems that can affect many different parts of your body. True, lung cancer is a serious concern. However, oral health problems like periodontal disease and oral cancer may also develop, as well as other illnesses.
  3. True. We understand that all patients have unique experiences with tobacco, some finding smoking cessation and giving up tobacco altogether more challenging than others. We encourage you to schedule a visit, so we may assist you in making this positive change.


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