Advanced Diagnostics with Your San Diego Laser Periodontist

lady with a beautiful smileThough the basic concepts of caring for your oral health have remained largely the same in recent history, the methods and means of approach to total oral health care have vastly improved, and continue to do so. In our continuing effort to provide our patients with excellent, personalized dental care, your San Diego laser periodontist remains dedicated to staying abreast with the latest technology, practices, and procedures. Our advanced diagnostic tools, like digital X-rays, allow more comprehensive exams, and can significantly increase your chances of detecting dangerous dental issues early enough to prevent extensive damage.

The Advantage of Digital X-Rays

For quite some time, dental X-rays have helped dentists gain a thorough understanding of their patients’ oral health by providing clear images of teeth,  jawbone, and other oral structures. With digital X-rays, Dr. Kania can capture a clearer, crisper image in less time and with considerably more accuracy. Because the digital capturing process is more sensitive than traditional, film-based X-rays, your exposure is also greatly reduced.

Saving Your Smile Through Accurate Early Diagnosis

Even with the advancement in dental knowledge and treatments, prevention remains the most effective way to preserve your dental health. With a focus on advanced diagnostics and preventive measures, your San Diego laser periodontist can help you stay on the forefront of your smile’s protection. As progressive diseases, most dental issues (including gum disease) cause extensive damage often due to late detection and treatment. Early diagnosis can help protect your smile by allowing Dr. Kania to treat dental issues in their early stages.

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